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Feb 29, 2008 01:37 PM

...fishbowl type drinks in the City

Corny but wondering, does anyone know of a place that serves fishbowls of alcoholic drinks in the city?

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  1. the only places I can think of are like - Dave & Busters, maybe. ?

    1. You can get oversized Margaritas at Barro (formerly Salvadors) on Lake Street btw Wabash and Michigan downtown. Beware, they make you don a sombrero when you drink one. The food is strictly mediocre so if you're stuck downtown and just gotta have a fishbowl type Mexican drink . . .

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      1. re: zgwarnki

        No that you mention it, there are quite a few Mexican restaurants in town that serve the bucket sized margarita's.

        OR better yet, take your own fishbowl drinks to one of the countless BYOB's in town;)!

      2. Big Bar in the Hyatt guessed it, BIG drinks. Their alcoholic beverages are monstrous, topping out at 72 oz. As for the quality? When quantity goes up, quality goes waaay down. At least this is my experience with enormous drinks.

        1. Kirkwood's on Sheffield has them