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Feb 29, 2008 01:09 PM

restaurant and tasting room recs for los olivos?

My husband and I are heading to Los Olivos and will have about two days and one night in town. In the past we've eaten at the Los Olivos Cafe and we loved getting sandwiches and picnic foods from the Los Olivos Market. Is there anyplace we should definitely check out? I should mention we're both vegetarian. Any thoughts about the restaurant at the Fess Parker Inn? Winery recs are also appreciated. We've been to a few in that area but of course I can't remember the names of any right now. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Anyone? We're leaving today and won't have internet access...

    1. I constanley push Red Barn for dinner, in Santa Ynez. Great steaks, good wine list and lots of local flavor. Casual cowby I call it. Bacchus has opened inSolvang- they mostly do prix fix meals- very tiny restaurant, but worth it I hear. Chef Touch in Solvang makes a great breakfast and lunch- as well as take away for the wineries.

      Wineries....Tensley in Los Olivos- along with Andrew Murray. Foxen Canyon Wine Trail- watch out for the pedaling groups- Foxen and Zaca Mesa are fun, and ZM has a trail you can hike- as does Firestone.

      Not much going on in the Valley this weekend- its foggy, but will get sunny later.

      Just saw you were vegetarians- so Red Barn might not suit your needs....not much for the veg crowd here- but Panino makes great salads- one in LO and one in Solvang.

      Enjoy your visit!

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