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Feb 29, 2008 12:30 PM

last minute dinner! help

so my girlfriend and i were going to go to nirvana but read a bunch of bad reviews and scratched it. she suggested cork as another option but i don't feel like going to 14th when it is cold and rainy and i live on the redline in woodley (and don't feel like cabbing). we try to keep entrees around $15 or under and i'm open to anything from gallery place to dupont on the red line. she lives in logan circle and can get to dupont and gallery place very easily. we don't like long waits and i'm trying to avoid italian and mexican. other than that... any suggestions?

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  1. Why not stick with Indian but go to Heritage? They have a ton of small plates that are half price at the bar during happy hour, and if you order two of those and split the curry sampler (there's plenty of food in it), you've have a fabulous meal for a good price.

    1. How about Matchbox or Fado's both near the Verizon Center - I think they are within your 15/entree. Zatynia is also right around there, and you could 2/3 small plates a person and keep within your price range.

      1. Mandu
        Regent Thai

        1. There are several good choices in Chinatown; Tony Chen'gs mongolian BBQ is fresh, high quality & healthy (if you make it that way!!) and it's about $18 pp but that is all you can eat and includes rolls and rice and tea. The Shrimp dumpling soup at Full Key is wonderful, and if you each got a bowl you could split an entree and stay well below $30. in fact the soup is so filling you could probably take some home! Also there is a Fuddrucker's there and also a Five Guys in dupont if you like that sort of thing. I also really like Teaism and second that suggestion.

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            I second DCDoll - it's too late for your request, but Full Kee rocks - looks like a dump and open late. shrimp dumpling soup...

            careful though cause I've walked out of there jacked-up and ready to do a cheap NYC bus trip all-nighter and back.