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Feb 29, 2008 11:34 AM

Best restaurants in Quebec City

Please help me recommend the top places to a traveling friend. Price not an issue, but authenticity and yumminess a must. Any place outside the city ok too (e.g. Ile D'Orleans).
Thanks in advance.

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  1. It really depends on what you want, but here are a couple of suggestions:

    Haute cuisine:
    Laurie Raphaël (117 Dalhousie, Old City)
    L'Initiale (54 St-Pierre)
    Le Café du Clocher penché (203 St-Joseph est)

    Québec institution: Le Continental, very near le Chateau Frontenac. Go for the duck flambé or some of their other classics.

    Something less upscale but very pleasing is Le moine échanson on St-Jean, which is a bit of a wine bistro. It has received very positive reviews over the last year.

    Being a student, I have only had the chance to go to Le Continental and Le moine échanson. LR and Initiale are considered five stars restaurants around here and Daniel Véniza from LR is a bit of a 'celebrity chef' in the province.

    Hope that helps!

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      I second L'Intitiale. It is my all time best meal ever!!!!!

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