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Feb 29, 2008 11:23 AM

Highland Ave Survey Pt. 3 Honey Banana, Fillipino, etc

Honey Banana is a Mexican shake, juice, rapasado, and fruit salad operation in the quintessential oasis theme.

What is remarkable about this place is that they offer the mildly fermented Tejuino, prepared clamatos, and Nieve "de Garrafe" [what ever that is] in addition to their Aguas frescas, fruit salads etc.

However, the thing I am interested in is what a lady was carrying out in both her hands as I passed by. Interested I asked and she told me they were "Diablitos" [little devils]. She told me the flavor was tamarindo, the shaved ice was bloody red - hence the name and had those rolled cookies sticking out like straws.

Some of the Fillipino places that piqued my interest were:

-- Point Point Joint
-- Villa Manila
-- Pinoy Fiesta


I lost some of my notes so I will wing this part.

There are some retro looking MEx-am style Coffee shops that look cool in the area.

Some Names of Restaurants to check out:
--Mi Tierra
--Lupitas Comida Casera
--Karina's Mariscos
--La Taquiza
-Los Girasoles
Imperial Fish market

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  1. Karina's has been there for some time and that large parking lot is overflowing at night. (Many cars = good place to try on GJ meter.) Sadly, I've never stopped there.

    The vendors at the San Ysidro border alway advertise "Diablitos", "Tejuino" and "Clamatos".

    I'm too scaredy cat to order something fresh from a guy that might not have washed his hands recently, so an explanation of the various concoctions would be welcomed.

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      Karina's gives me the shivers. I had Shrimp there about a year ago. I swear it was dressed with tabasco straight from the bottle. First and last time I ever set foot in the place. There is a place up the street ....Mariscos Palomar that's pretty good.