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Feb 29, 2008 11:07 AM

Favourite Japanese?

With the closing of my favourite Japanese resto in 2007, I'm looking for somewhere that serves Japaense food aside from sushi and sashimi. Price doesn't matter so much as does quality of food and the atmosphere. I'd love to find a good place for shabu shabu, yakitori, noodles, etc. Most of the places I've found on my own are all about the sushi, which isn't bad, I just like variety.
Any ideas?

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  1. Wow I'm so sad :( Is there no good Japanese in the city?

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    1. re: devilishlyj

      Unfortunately, I don't think Montreal is a hotbed of non-sushi Japanese cuisine. :-(

      You may be interested in this similar thread from a few months ago:

      Non-sushi Japanese food?

      I once took a class at Miyamoto in home-style Japanese cooking and was amazed to learn about the many, many, dishes we can't find in restaurants here. Maybe someone else knows otherwise. Sorry!

      1. re: kpzoo

        I had one other idea. There's a wonderful organization in Montreal called the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre. One of their mandates is "to promote Japanese Canadian and Japanese cultures to the general public." My experience with them in the past (I produced a film where they provided a lot of support) was very positive, they are very friendly and helpful. Why not try emailing or calling them about your restaurant dilemma - maybe they'll have some off-the-beaten path ideas. Good luck!
        Tel: 514-728-1996

    2. I posted a little while back on my experience at Takara:

      Their sushi was very good, but not outstanding. I was much more impressed by their cooked dishes, and I think it might be worth your while to try this place. I really enjoyed the cooked oysters and the hot pot style soup. Very nice atmosphere too. Our friends who took us there just always get the chef to choose whatever he wants to make for them. Takara is in Cours Mont Royal.

      1. Slim pickings. If you like ogonomiyaki, Isakaya serves it. Although only one kind, with octopus.

        1. Thanks for the answers! I have one Japanese cookbook, I guess I'll be looking into picking up some more and some cooking supplies.

          1. I've been going to Osaka (Bleury/Sherbrooke) for awhile now because I eat more the traditional "home cooking" dishes than nigiri/maki.

            They have udon, donburi, soba noodles, shabu shabu and a large variety of "appetizers" such as grilled fish, chicken kara age, agedashi dofu. Service is painfully slow so show up at 6pm like me.