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Feb 29, 2008 10:37 AM

Zum Stammtisch (Queens) vs 'Allo Berlin (Manhattan)?

Going somewhere for German food this weekend and have heard/read good things about both the aforementioned...Opinions?

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  1. I had a HORRIBLE experience at Hallo Berlin last year. We got seated, and ordered beer (which was cold and tasty, and delivered promptly). Then, we sat for 45 minutes while the sole waiter ignored everyone on the patio. He looked busy, so one of us approached him and said, "I think we're ready to order on the patio when you get a chance."

    He responded rather brusquely that he was busy. Not, "I'm sorry we're shortstaffed, and I'll be there shortly." Just that, "Well, I'm busy!" end of discussion.

    2 tables got up and left after another 15 minutes, as did we. We did throw down some money for the beer, though. So, ignored for an hour, and starving, we went to the other wonderful places on 9th avenue.

    That being said, I always see people hanging out there in the nice weather. I just refuse to go back.

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      Allo Berlin is more beer and sausage. German 'soul food' might describe it. Zum is a real sit down and behave yourself family restaurant.

      I wizzed by this on my bike once I was on route to polish food so I did not go in. Might be fun to celebrate the beer hall putsch there (I didn't mean it).

    2. Zum's is a lot of fun and the food is good for it's type. I recommend the kassler ripchen and the jaegerschnitzel. The Wiener Zwiebel Rostbraten is good too.

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        ZUM by far has to be the best German food in NYC. I love the Rostbraten. Have you tried the snail's omg. Order the roast pork. Go there on an empty stomach

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          I find Chalet Alpina on Metropolitam Ave, in Forest Hills is better than Zum. Better service, less zany atmosphere and better quality food. The goulash soup is fantastic.

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            I've been to both places a bunch of times, and while Chalet Alpina is very good, I don't think it really measures up to Zumm in terms of the food and overall atmosphere. The sauerbraten at Zumm is still tops for me. But I certainly respect your opinion and could see why you would prefer Chalet Alpina. BTW, to the original poster's question, either blows away Hallo Berlin. The only German food restaurants I would now consider going to in Manhattan are Zum Schneider and Lederhosen, with Heidelberg as a lingering possibility only due to fond memories of ridiculous evenings spent there....

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                That is really wonderful, but why are you yelling?

      2. I think the name of the resto is actually Hallo Berlin, since the 'H" isn't silent in German. Great beer, average food, German service.

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          1. You can't compare the two. "Allo Berlin is fast food in a bar. Decent sausages and they actually have a great cucumber salad but it has the feel of a bar as which is primarily is. The table were either picinic tables or something comparatible- plastic table clothes, mustard is squeeze toobs. It's just very mediocre.

            Zum Stammtisch on the other hand is much much more authentic, they have wonderfull food. I just posted on a Zum Stammtisch thread about my experience there but they have fabulous pork chops, cozy interior, and unlike Allo Berlin everyone who works there (as from what I could see) was German. They also have a good amount of beers.

            Don't waste time at Allo Berlin go for the real deal.

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              Octoberfest was great At ZUM this year . I hope they make it 3 weeks in OCT . What a blast.