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Feb 29, 2008 10:28 AM

Italian restaurants in San Antonio

I need recommendations for good Italian food in the San Antonio area.

Also, if anyone has been to "Napoli's" since they moved from Pat Booker over to the Nacogdoches area, are they still a good bet?


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  1. ciao lavanderia in olmos park is great! It's cosy and tasty. I'd put that at the top of my list... right with paesano's. paesano's is a little more expensive, but they have great stuff at both locations. quarry is the original. the one on 1604 has a great patio. go for the shrimp paesano. it's the best thing there. I just go to ciao because it's closer to me... and well... less expensive. If I had the cash, I'd go to paesan's much, MUCH, more.

    la focaccia, just south of downtown is v. good. It's right next to Rosario's... and I think gets overlooked.

    paitti in the quarry is good, but if I'm in that area, and going to spend some cash, I'm going to paesano's.

    little italy, near blanco and west, is always packed. The last time I was there, I had this great rolled chicken dish, with a perfect reduction. good job.

    Reggiano's, up in stone oak is supposed to be good, but i haven't been there in a LONG time. Stone oak traffic is a pain the butt.

    My fiance loves Scouzzi, in lincon park. My mom digs their shrimp scouzzi, as well. good homey type of place.

    I hate to name drop... but... when Garry Marshall was in town, directing a performance at the San Antonio Opera, he spent a lot of time at Sorrento's on Broadway.

    and... there's soemthing to be said about the baked ziti at capparelli's. they do a good job.

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      Piatti's owner is opening Lucca in the Fairmount on S. Alamo this month, so that will be nice.
      And I like La Focaccia too, I've never had a bad meal there and it is a cheerful fun place.

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          I smell a future, unoffical, un-licensed, chowhound SAT meeting.
          Get ready, La Focaccia

    2. i had no idea that Napoli had opened up on Naco.

      If you are looking for a nice restaurant with good wine list, I would say go to Reggianos.

      If you are looking for old school hole in the wall no frills Italian, I like Papa Dante's over by Judson high school.

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        I had been to Napoli's on Naco down by Thousand Oaks but it is closed now, or was.I'll have to go down that way and get back to you on that.There is also a Papa Dante's on Pat Booker next to the Diamond Shamrock.Yes,it's owned by the same people who one the one in Converse.
        There is also Figlio's on Pat Booker in the old May's Inn chinese restaurant.Haven't tried it yet.
        There is also Savrino's next to the travel place .Savrino's is in the old KFC building.The owner is actually from Italy according to an article in the Herald when the place first opened,and I keep meaning to go there.