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Feb 29, 2008 10:01 AM

Going to Santa Ynez one Hitching Post superior to the others?

Planning a trip up to the wineries & I want to take my boyfriend to the Hitching Post. We're stayin in Lompoc & I see there's one just down the road from me...but also one in Buellton & the original in Casmalia. Is one any better than the others? Has the one in Buellton turned into a tourist trap since "Sideways"? I just want to have the best experience possible...since it's our first trip away (big step!). Thanks!

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  1. While there is not a significant difference in food quality between the 2 locations, I'm very partial to the original location in Casmalia. It has much more local atmosphere than Buellton which attracts tourists by the droves. For a first timer like yourself, I suggest you take the drive to Casmalia, which is a lot more scenic than the drive into Buellton. Make sure you have a map though. Once you get on the road to Casmalia, past Vandenburg, just look for the sign at Pt.Sal Rd.

    Don't think of ordering any entree other than the steaks. As appetizers, I would suggest both the quail and the grilled artichoke.

    Have a great time!!

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      I would secomd that rec. I always thought it was kinda a tourist trap even before sideways. Though the cheezy steakplace next door took away some of those crowds. I know they push their wine label, but I have never really liked it.

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        The choice is really going on to Guadalupe to the Far Western Tavern for a more local and funky experience than either Hitchting Post. While even this is getting a bit more upscale in recent days, it is still a real thing for this quiet little town not much more out of the way.

        Also agree, Casmalia or nothing if it has to be a HP .... and not the Far Western.