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Feb 29, 2008 09:42 AM

Tea at Savory Encinitas?

Has anyone been to high tea on weekends at Savory? Thanks

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  1. To celebrate my friend's birthday, we had tea time at Savory. I've tried tea time at three different locations around San Diego, Hotel Del ( which I think has moved to Westgate, I checked out the menu for the one they have and it seems very similar to the one I had at Hotel Del), Savory and just recently at Cafe Chloe.

    The tea at Savory is one I enjoyed the least. It seems to be a contemporary approach to tea time. They serve the four tea sandwiches on a rectangular white plate. I don't remember what kind of sandwiches were served, but one which was a roasted shredded chicken salad. That was alright. The desserts are brought in and some house made. The maccaroons look and taste like the ones from Opera. The scones were ok, and served with a rose petal jam. What really surprised me was that the tea service itself consisted of a small pot of hot water, the paper wrapped tea bag with the flavor of your choice, all of which you dip for for yourself.

    I suggest either Cafe Chloe for their urban tea, or The Westgate for the more traditional tea service, complete with Harp playing. Let me know if you've tried any!

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      Aviara in Carlsbad has an excellent tea service. Limoges china and real silver. Good selection of tea sandwiches, pastries, and scones complete with clotted cream. They normally have a harpist or pianist as well.

    2. I'm still recommending Tea Upon Chatsworth in Point Loma as the best tea place in town! I've made it a point to try them all, and their creative, homemade food, relaxing environment and excellent service make for the best "tea experience" in San Diego IMHO!!