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Feb 29, 2008 09:40 AM

Anyone know where to find ajicitos (PHX)?

Looking for ajicitos for Latin cooking...have tried Lee Lee's, Phoenix Ranch Market and other Mexican markets in the East Valley with no luck.

For those who haven't heard of them, they are a staple in Puerto Rican cooking, here's how Daisy Martinez describes them: Also called ajices dulces or cachucha, they are tiny sweet peppers with a hint of heat. They range in color from light to medium green and yellow to red and orange. They add freshness and an herby note to the sofrito and anything you cook.

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  1. I can't say that I've ever seen those anywhere, not even at Puerto Rican-oriented markets in Connecticut. The pictures and descriptions I've seen remind me of pimiento de PadrĂ³n--a Spanish pepper variety. But so far, I've found those only in the Bay Area and only during mid- to late summer, so that's not really much help.

    In searching around I found mentions (on this board) of a Puerto Rican baker in Mesa, who appears also to make things other than baked goods. It might be worthwhile to drop her a note to see if she has any leads:

    Good luck.

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      Thanks. So far our current supply chain involves waiting for visitors from New York and Florida.

    2. yamalam,
      I found them online at, but unfortunately the do not ship to Arizona. I assume it is the fresh produce thing. Bummer

      1. A friend of mine from Venezuela has been craving these peppers, but has found no local source. Last year I ordered seeds and we both got plants to grow, but they didn't produce any peppers. She just returned from a trip to Venezuela and brought back some seeds from producing plants, which tactic has worked for her in the past. At any rate, the answer appears to be that you need to acquire some seeds and grow your own.