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Feb 29, 2008 08:49 AM

Place to meet by the Wiltern? Drinks? Din?

Meeting some friends at the Wiltern Theater tonight...haven't been there in a spell...

What's a good place to meet up for drinks beforehand? Atlas Bar & Grill changed their name/ownership quite a few years back, no? Is there still something in that space?

Is Woo Lae Oak still there? Open? I heard they'd closed for some sort of renovation?

After the show, we may want to eat. I usually go to Hodori, cuz I know it'll be open no matter the time, but any recs for a place that has more ambience than Hodori, but isn't as expensive as Chosun Galbi or WLO? Does Tahoe Galbi serve late (after 10)?

Also, any recs for a karaoke place with private rooms that are a little nicer/more ambience than Bavaria, where I usually go?

Thanks very much ahead of time!


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  1. I like to go to Taylor's Steakhouse on 8th St. Good drinks and great steak dinners.

    1. Depends on what you mean by "ambiance"
      For local color -- but down-and-dirty -- there's:
      Nam Dae Moon Jip
      Dung Sung Sa

      1. As far as drinks and B+ food and atmosphere galore, IMO you can't beat the HMS Bounty, 3355 Wilshire between Alexandria and Kenmore, in the Gaylord Apt building.

        1. Opus. That's what's in the former Atlas space.

          1. Awesome! great recs. on my way.