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where to find cake decorating supplies in toronto canada

Help I am baking a cake for my husband and I can't find a place in the toronto area where they sell fondant or cake dyes and edible markers.

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  1. In the east on O'Connor near Victoria Park -

    In the west on Bloor near Kipling -

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      also - bulk barn always carrys the wilton brand of many of these items (at much cheaper prices than mccalls) and there's more locations

      In the middle but more north (1766 Weston - S of Lawrence) is World of Cake.

      and way up north you have Creative Cutters - www.creativecutters.com

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        i happened upon this link while searching the 'net for cake supply suppliers in toronto, and i just wanted to say thank you for posting your reccomendation of bulk barn.
        i didn't have a starting place, and i ended up finding everything i needed there.
        the location at 401 and weston rd. was particularly plentiful and helpful.


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        I agree with McCall's. The staff is very knowledgeable.

      3. I've been meaning to try out this website. I've only looked through it but haven't purchased from it. From their website, I believe they have a retail location in Mississauga. If I recall, I may have seen fondant being sold.


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          Golda's sells fondant and other supplies (pans, trays, boxes, dyes etc) but they're expensive and were a bunch of grumps-in store. I took my business to Michael's which is just a bit west of Golda's in the Smart Centre on Argentia.

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            My wife goes there all the time, they are open I think 6 days a week, at Winston Churchill and 401 area..have tons of stock, a little pricey but well stocked.

          2. Some of the Bulk Barn's even rent speciality sized/shaped pans for those only looking for something with a one time use.

            1. Not sure about fondant etc however there is a stall at the St. Lawrence Market that has all the tools etc for cake decorating. I go there to get items for my mother that she can't find in other places.

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                I had been looking for cake supplies in the east end of toronto and found Flour Confections... www.flourconfections.ca/shop/

                The cary several different types of fondant... including pre-coloured fondant.

              2. The best place I know is Mcalls on Bloor at Kipling (near 6 points Plaza) all they sell is cake decorating supplies. Its a pretty big place. They also have classes.

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                  They are in Mississauga. They have fondant and edible dyes.

                2. If you are in the east end... Try flour confections in Pickering... they have an great online store www.flourconfections.ca/shop/

                  1. I've used Golda's. It is mail order out of Mississauga and worked well. Extensive on-line catalogue.

                      1. Michaels craft store also carries cake decorating items, fondant, pans, everything. and more locations to access than some indy's. But i do love McCalls for their diverse selection.

                        1. My wife - who has taken the kids to the Bahamas this week, otherwise I would have asked her directly - has a huge selection of Wilton products: dyes, tips, brushes, etc. But when she wants to make a specialty cake, she nearly always heads to Bulk Barn. I wish I had the pictures to post on-line; none of our friends could believe (at first) that she had made the finished cakes herself. For example, the Mickey Mouse cake came with a colour guide and diagram to help her out, and when she was done, it looked fantastic.

                          And, as noted, these cake pans are rental, so you don't need to make a huge investment for a one-time thing.

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                            I used the McCall's fondant for the first time today and I loved it. Very nice to work with. It also tastes good. The Wilton stuff is OK to work with but tastes TERRIBLE!

                          2. Hi Everyone,

                            I am writing from India regarding cake decorating supplies in Toronto. My hubby is there next week and has time to just head to one store. I am looking for fondant related tools, cake stands and cookie cutters. Which place would you suggest he visits which will have a good collection and is not expensive. Thanks so much in advance.

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                              If he is in the west GTA (Mississauga), I highly recommend he go to Golda's Kitchen. It's right along the 401 (major east/west highway) and just off the highway. You can go to their website to see all of their stock. It's goldaskitchen.com. I've bought all my fondant and cake tools from there and it's reasonably priced.

                              Hope that helps!

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                                Thanks so much Nevy, I have gone through their site and wasn't too sure as someone had commented saying they were expensive.

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                                  They are on the expensive side! A good selection of cooking items though, not just cake decorating supplies, if you're looking for anything else.

                                  As already suggested by the others, McCalls is also a good option.

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                                I recommend Madame Gateaux. Seemed to be well-priced on my visit. I find Golda's expensive, but I haven't been to the store to see about selection, so don't know how that compares.

                                Here is the contact page on the Madame Gateaux website:


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                                  Thanks so much, I have written to them.

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                                    It's been a while, but I notice that many suggested McCall's earlier in this thread. Looks like they are still around and I had very good experience there.

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                                      These are some of the places I have found in Toronto:
                                      http://icinginspirations.ca/ (Kitchener

                                      I really like Golda's Kitchen. Some things are more expensive here but others are better priced. Check prices online. They have a great selection of things. The best place for flower cutters is Creative Cutters, they also have lots of dusting powders and cake boards.


                              3. Bulk barn carries cake decorating supplies.

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                                  Caynes http://www.cayneshousewares.com/home.php

                                  William-Sonoma multiple locations and online - hard to beat the quality
                                  Amazon - any of their global sites - hard to beat the selection and prices, especially the US site
                                  Tap Phong on Spadina - you won't it all but great prices

                                2. I've used http://shop.ledolci.com in the past. They have a shop in Toronto downtown also.