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Delicious & inexpensive sushi in LA?

I love sushi, but I can't always spend a crazy amount for spontaneous sushi runs. Does anyone know of a really great sushi place (good quality), and has decent prices? Ideally somewhere between Robertson and La Brea.


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  1. such thing does not exist

    1. Sushi Masu in westwood

      80-120 for 2 people omakase. fantastic.

      1. If you can go there for lunch -- Hirozen on Beverly Blvd bit east of La Cienaga has a very nicely priced sushi lunch special -- can't remember the exact amount but comfortably under $20. You don't choose the fish but its pretty much what you'd expect. If memory salmon, tuna, yellowtail kind of things.... Includes miso soup also. There fish is always fresh and well cut -- more consistently tasty than I've had at places with a higher price tag. Does get more pricey at night -- but still on the reasonable side of the spectrum.

        1. there's a place on 3rd street, in a mini-mall just east of la cienega, called sushi mac, where rolls are $2.75 each. now, this is an ultra-casual (you sit at a rotating sushi bar, no tables, cash only, somewhat limited menu) place, but i like it. it's not supreme quality sushi, i'm sure, but it tastes good, is cheap, and for someone like me who likes to have sushi once in a while without spending a ton, it's great.

          1. echigo on sm blvd. 2nd floor of tiny plaza- looks like a cheap chinese place inside but the fish is def fresh and the chef is super sweet.

            1. The best cheap sushi I have found is Sushi Don Sasabune on Laurel Canyon and Riverside. Quality fish, and really great prices. Its obviously not the best, but definitely a lot better then many other places that are much more expensive.

              and there are plenty on here that do agree http://www.chow.com/search?search%5Bq...

              Sushi Don Sasabune
              4816 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607

              1. I agree with poster Idodb who mentioned Sushi Don; it is very good.

                Also, we like Noshi Sushi. It is not a pretty place (it looks like it used to be a Mexican restaurant about 20 years ago!), but the sushi is good and very reasonably priced. Their spicy tuna handroll compares well to the best, anywhere! Service is good and the sushi chefs are very accommodating.

                I believe they are open from lunch all the way through dinner; they can get very busy, but we have enjoyed many early dinners here with no difficulty sitting at the sushi bar.

                There is a free, guarded parking lot in back.

                Noshi Sushi
                4430 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles

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                    yes, cash only. and they close earlier than you might think - 9 pm.

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                      I went to Noshi Sushi again recently and it's still delicious! Recommend trying the halibut wing and yellowtail belly.