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Feb 29, 2008 08:19 AM

Seek quality Sundae in CNJ

I just reached 10% weight loss goal on Weight Watchers, and I'm looking for an ice cream sundae or banana split to celebrate! Can anyone save me the trip to Anapoli in Bay Ridge with a closer (to Bridgewater) suggestion?

Requirements: Homemade, (storemade) rich, rich ice cream. Real whipped cream.

Would be nice: hot fudge, hot butterscotch, and wet walnuts available.

Wouldn't hurt: a nice environtment in which to savor above goodies.

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  1. Blizzard Island on Mountain Avenue in Middlesex. I believe they open for the season tomorrow!

    1. Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal!

      I did the same thing when I was losing my extra pounds -- but I opted for Cold Stone Creamery. Chain or not, I am weak in the knees (and the willpower) for their graham cracker-coated cheesecake concoction!

      1. I haven't been there in years but if you don't mind a 20-30 min drive, check out The Corner Confectionary on Raritan Ave. in Highland Park. I don't see much mention of ice cream on their web site so I suggest you phone them first to see if they meet your requirements! :-))

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          Congratulations on your weight loss journey. I made lifetime a year ago and have been under my goal weight ever since.
          Ice cream is my big weakness and I don't keep any in the house except for WW treats.
          As for a good ice cream sundae, have you considered going to any of the "better" restaurants and just ordering dessert at the bar.
          The Gladstone Tavern has an awesome sundae dessert. I know, I ordered it and ate every single bit.
          Bent Spoon in Princeton has great gelatos too.
          Congratulations and stick with it, you can attain your goal!

        2. Congratulations on your loss. Try Schneiders German American Restaurant in Avon by the Sea. The ice cream is homemade, the whipped cream is the real article, ditto for the toppings and the place is absolutely charming. The proprietor is a hot air balloonist and the place is chock full of balloon memorabilia.

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            rnr - How is the food at Scheiders? To be honest, I've past by the place dozen's of times and paid it no mind. I'm going to have to give it a try if not for the desserts alone. Thanks for the suggestion.

          2. Bent Spoon in Princeton. The iced cream is made on site with local ingredients, the whipped cream is real, and the hot fudge is awesome! The downside is there are 4 tables and the shop is tiiiiiny! They also have delicious mini cupcakes!