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Feb 29, 2008 08:16 AM

Anguilla this winter

Has anyone come back from a 2008 trip to Anguilla? I'm going for a week in March and just trying to decide on one or two special dinners. I've read all of the other posts on Anguilla and they have been very helpful. Just wondering if anyone has been recently and had a memorable meal.

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  1. I didn't get a response, either, when I posted some months ago, tartytatin, so let me help you out (if I'm not too late). Go to -- you will find more information that you can imagine...and people's trip reports, as well! Enjoy!

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      Anguilla is so lovely you can't go wrong. While you can spend a boodle at the big name places, just about everywhere is special and memorable for one reason or another. Don't forget to dance on the beach at Jonno's!

    2. I just saw your post and I'm not sure if you've gone to Anguilla already, but my top two special dinners are Hibernia and Veya. We were just there last month and both meals were exquisite. At Hibernia I always get the same thing, but it was as wonderful as usual. I start with the smoked fish appetizer (as does my husband) and then have the lobster withe purple rice with vanilla bean sauce. My husband's favorite is the coconut curry crayfish casserole. Warning..this is VERY spicy!

      At Veya, the yellow pea soup, the five spice pork tenderloin and crayfish with ginger burre blanc are all excellent. I have to say these are two of the best meals I've ever had and we eat out in NYC quite a bit.

      I hope this helps! Report back after your trip!! :)

      1. I was on Anguilla Feb 23-March 2. Veya, Hibernia and Cote Mer were especially good. Anything you order at Veya will be great. Hibernia food has more of an Asian twist to it. Cote Mer has many specials and the owner takes your order and can steer you in the right direction. In general, stick with the fresh fish at anyplace on the island.

        1. Hi,
          I know this is too late for you, but perhaps it will help other Anguilla travelers. First, I must say, the restaurant selection on Anguilla was wonderful compared to other Caribbean vacations we've taken. We were in Anguilla in December 2007 for our honeymoon. The prices are high, though.
          By far, our most memorable meal was at Mangos. The red snapper and grilled lobster were out of this world, as was the waterfront location. I'd return in a heartbeat. We also had the chef's tasting menu at Veya, which was great. We ate at Picantes two times, because the prices were reasonable for very fresh, great Mexican food. We also enjoyed our meals at Trattoria Tramonto and Tasty's (for breakfast!) and Gwen's on Shoal Bay East.
          Now for the not so good.... We were less impressed with the food at the Frangipani on Mead's Bay and at Straw Hat. The location and ambiance of Straw Hat are very nice, but the food was overpriced and not very good, in our estimation.

          1. Blanchard's...wish we'd gone back more than once. They even have their own cookbook. Also, great atmosphere (go to the original location instead of the new one in the Cuisinart).