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Feb 29, 2008 07:17 AM

Chowhound Challenge...hidden gems for dinner tonight near USQ around 10:30 PM

Fellow hounds, looking for a spot walking distance from Union Square that offers a great dining experience at around 10:30PM for a couple.

Should be high quality food (obviously), not overcrowded, but not empty.

Open to any cuisine.

Tried Casa Mono but they only have 11:30 reservation which is too late. Not trying to break the bank so keep it in the Casa Mono price range.

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  1. there are so many good spots. . blue water grill, union square cafe, novita, pipa, lucys. i went to paul and jimmys last night...delicious simple italian.

    depends what food you are looking for-let us know. maybe we can be more help.

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    1. re: fein

      I guess I am looking more for a hidden gem (if that exists in the hood) with intimate/cozy setting, but a bit of life to it at 10:30. Italian is always my go to, so I guess I'd like to change it up a bit. A great/affordable wine list is key too.

      Been to:
      Blue Water, Pipa, Paul and Jimmys, Via Emilia (not since it moved), Beppe, Mizu, Yama, Los Dos Molinos, Friend of a Farmer...

      Not sure USC fits the bill.

      Does that help clarify?

      1. re: mkad

        thanks for the info.......i've never been but lucys might be a good option for you. i believe it is the same people of pipa. i hear great things about it. haru....the food is good and the atmosphere will probably be buzzing at that time of night. i know some people find it not great, there is also a sushi samba. i'm sure you've done this but do a search for usq. here some spots in the area that always come up but i can't comment on

        tocqueville, tabla, fleur de sol, giorgios

        1. re: fein

          I had a very good date experience at Three of Cups (1st Ave at 5th St), a little neighborhood Italian place. It was a young/fun crowd and a cozy spot with a wood burning oven in the front. The menu was largely handwritten (lots of specials) and everything we ate was quite good. It's definitely in your price range. And it's great for a couple: They didn't rush us out of there even after we had occupied a table for over two hours-- on a Friday night.

      1. republic is good and inexpensive, but always overcrowded.

        USC is unquestionably the finest food in the area.

        Could always try Blue Hill, which is excellent food at WSP and nice ambiance

        1. What about Girogios of Gramercy? I had a great meal the other night. Not sure how "hopping" it is at 10:30 to be honest. Mt previous post is below.

          Or another thought is Otto. It should be decently crowded and has great wine and cheese.