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Feb 29, 2008 07:15 AM

By Walden Pond- Concord Area

Taking a hike on Sunday afternoon and will be looking for a fun/cozy little cafe/coffee shop for an afternoon snack, or early dinner. We'll have a car, so can go to any of the surrounding towns, but since I rarely go out of the city, didnt want to really chance walking into someplace mediocre, when i know you CHers could lead me somewhere awesome...


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  1. I love hiking around the Walden Pond area this time of year. Should be a nice day for it, weather-wise!

    I like the Back Alley Cafe on Walden Street in Concord for sandwiches, but I'm not sure they are open on Sunday afternoons.

    The Main Streets Cafe in the center of town looks very nice. We took a peek at the place a couple of months ago--didn't have a chance to eat there, though, as we had already had an early dinner somewhere else. Has anyone tried it? Here is a link to the place:

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      We've been to Main Street Cafe. It's okay. I wouldn't go looking for the sandwich of a lifetime but the food is all right and the seating area pleasant. It can a bit noisy so if you want a quiet place to chat, it may not fit your needs.

      I really have never had a good meal at the Colonial Inn and as a result, haven't been in years. I have recently heard the tavern pulls a decent beer and the sandwiches are okay. You could go for a drink and check out the menu.

      I thought Back Alley went out of business? Just a rumor?

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        It might have...I haven't been there in awhile. Still plenty of info on the Back Alley online, but that doesn't mean much, since so much info on the Internet is out of date....

    2. Farfalle Italian Market in Concord--Nice food, coffee--not sure if you can drink the wine, that they sell, there though...

      1. The Cheese Shop is a wonderful place with great food, but I don't think that they're open on Sundays. If you come back some other time, though, stop by for a great selection of cheeses as well as a selection of home made lunches and dinners, some schaller & weber sausages, breads, and wines. Plus they are now carrying Terroir coffee- a special blend roasted for them. Terroir is the new company from George Howell, who sold his local chain, The Coffee Connection, to the dark lord from Seattle back in the early 90’s. The shop has a small sit down area. It's across from the post office, with plenty of parking behind the post office.

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          The Cheese Shop, unfortunately, is closed on Sundays. But man, they do the best sandwiches around, by the inch...they actually ask you how big you want it, on a loaf of bread....Love their veggie sandwiches; no, veggie sandwiches are NOT a slamdunk; they do a great one!

        2. There is a small cafe at the Decordova Museum and Sculpture Park that has decent food (sandwich, salad , soup) and windows overlooking the property and a pond. It is located in Lincoln not far from Walden. You may have to pay admission to get in, but I don't think it is a stiff charge.

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            I forgot about that cafe! The gift shop is terrific and you must check it out. Also, most libraries carry a museum pass to the DeCordova which gives a cut in admission.

          2. Verrill Farms is nearby Walden Pond and has very good sandwiches, baked goods (pie!), and prepared foods. Part of the store is produce/groceries, and the other part has their take-out and bakery items. I don't remember if they have seating there, though, which might rule it out - does anyone know?

            Verrill Farm
            11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

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              I haven't been there since summer but I don't recall indoor seating. It's crowded in the back room where the take-out/deli is and I can't imagine where there would be room for a table and chairs.

              Love their white chocolate/raspberry scones.