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Feb 29, 2008 06:59 AM

Looking for Great Tequila

I've been on a huge tequila kick for a while now and am supremely disappointed in the selection i've found in Arlington/downtown liquor stores. The most exciting selections the stores I've been to have are maybe a bottle of Tres Generaciones and some Patron. I found a liquor store in Arlington that supplies Rio Grande and I've been able to buy Hussong's from them, but aside from that, it's just the same old 15 brands on the shelves EVERYWHERE. Does anyone know of any good liquor stores with a large tequila selection (I've been searching for Sotol and other good mezcals)? Any suggestions on the best tequilas you've had recently?

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  1. I'd call Calvert Woodley and McCarthur Beverage, both in DC. I'd bet CW is the largest liquor store in town.

    1. You can also see the list of products each ABC can order. If it's on the list, they'll order it for you. Different ABCs have different ordering lists.