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Feb 29, 2008 06:32 AM

Philly: Chinese [style] Roast Pig

I'm going to treat myself to a roast duck this weekend and thought that I might like some pork as well. I know the little stand in one of the markets on Washington has it, but I'd rather not trek down there. Anyone know a place in Chinatown that does it well?

And while you're at it, what's the best time to hit Sang Kee for some duck take out that won't take me 30 min of waiting?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I'm new to Philly and am interested to hear what everyone says as well. Ali, just to clarify, when you say roast pork, do you mean the barbeque pork (char siu - or the roast pork with crispy skin (siu yoke-

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      I mean siu yoke, though my experience has been that places that do that well also makes a pretty good version of char siu.

      Since there are no replies and since I'm up early enough today, I'm going to head down to Washington since it'll be early enough that there will still be some roast pork left. :) I'm going to be exploring Chinatown tomorrow regardless, so I'll report back if there is any stand out pork.

      1. re: Ali

        Asian Market on Rt. 70 in the Barclay Farms Center (Cherry Hill) has very tasy roast pork. the bbq is good as well.

    2. I'm curious...what were the results of your reconnaissance in Chinatown? And which market on Washington Ave do you go to?

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        While not siu yoke, I just went to Chinatown and got some char siu and roast duck from a place called Ting Wong on 10th and I really liked it. The char siu, in particular, has a more natural taste, as in you can actually taste the pork (versus just the fake tasting bbq sauce) and is also quite juicy. The same goes for the duck as well, although I should note that that was also pretty oily.

        Anyone else with any experience ordering these Chinese meats in Phili?

        1. re: fivefivefive

          Ting Wong's char siu and duck are pretty good. Like you said, a more natural taste. (I still prefer the Sang Kee ducks, of course.) When I want that sort of sticky sweet char siu taste, though, I'm down at Wash. Ave.

          Dib, I don't remember the name of the market I go to, but it's the one with the yellow awning/banner in the area at 11th & Wash - not my usual grocery location but the tofu house is there ^_^. There's a stand near the veggies. The guy speaks Vietnamese and is quite nice (he gets me the exact pieces I want, something which I'm better at conveying not-in-English) so I'm a big fan - of course, the last time I went, he insisted I get 1 lb (instead of my asked-for .5 lb) for me and my nonexistent husband, but since he didn't charge me for the full pound, I didn't care much. :)

          1. re: Ali

            Ali, this may be a dumb question, but is the Sang Kee stand in the Reading Terminal Market the same as the Sang Kee in Chinatown that everyone talks about?

            I'm presuming that even if it is, I should still head to the Chinatown location.

            1. re: fivefivefive

              I believe it is run by the same people, though of course the Chinatown location serves a larger variety (and better quality) food.

              For a quick lunch though, I really like their roast pork or duck plates with rice and Chinese broccoli.

              1. re: worshipsf

                Thanks worshipsf. I'll keep that in mind next time I get some groceries at the rtm.