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Feb 29, 2008 06:32 AM

good eats near riviera theater?

my husband and i are traveling from milwaukee to chicago next thursday to see the pogues in concert. anyone have any good suggestions for where to eat, close to the riviera theater? we are driving down after work so will have at most an hour or 2 to eat, and we're not looking to break the bank either, so please suggest something quick and wallet friendly - and ridiculously delicious!

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  1. You are so in luck -- this area is loaded with fabulous restaurants -- Demera, an ethiopian restaurant at B'Way & Lawrence, slightly north Silver Seafood Crew -- a gay sportsbar restaurant across the street, as is Fat Cat and Marigold -- this less than 5 minutes walking from the Riv. A bit farther north, Thai Pastries then the glories of Argyle Street -- with the Tank at the corner and too many fine inexpensive restaurants to name.

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      thanks for the suggestions! now i'm doubly excited. :) should i expect ample parking at the theater?

      1. re: mrsjenpeters

        If you park at the side streets make sure it's not permit parking.

        I'd recommend any of the Thai places and Tank Noodle.

    2. There's also this:
      (Type in Riviera to the search function for the Chicago board, and there's also a pizza thread - among other things.) I would suggest Silver Seafood for Asian / Chinese, Marigold for moderately priced Indian -although it's a bit pricier than your avg Indian "joint."

      1. Since you're driving, you could also stop in Andersonville for a bite before the show (I'm SO jealous, although the last time I saw the Pogues, Shane was so drunk he couldn't stand) There are several good restaurants there.

        Hopleaf is one of my favorites, hundreds of beers and kettles of mussels w. pomme frites.

        And after the show head back to Andersonville for a drink at Simon's, it's a classic Chicago bar with a great juke box and an interesting mix of folks.

        If you street park by the Riv, make sure you are not in a permit section, and be aware of your surroundings; it is still not the best neighborhood.