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Feb 29, 2008 06:17 AM

First date in south etobicoke

I have a first date this weekend and was wondering if you could recommend a nice casual place in the Kipling/queensway/lakeshore area?


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  1. Nothing in that intersection.
    Go further East (Islington/Queensway) - Kelsey's, Milestone's
    Further East (Royal York/Queensway) - Thai Place, Il Postino, Sushi 2 Go

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    1. re: 5andman

      I'd try Rocco's plum tomato. Its on Islington just north of the Queensway. Casual Italian food. There is also Thyme4 on the Queensway, a bit more intimate Italian food.

    2. I would go a little bit further west on Lakeshore and go one of the choices in Port Credit..plenty of choices their, depending on your cuisine choice!

      1. Agreed Rocco's is pretty good (I actually had a guy take me there for a first date some years ago). Buuuuut definitely go to the Rocco's on Queensway just west of Parklawn. The one on Islington is more "family-oriented" and I found the food & atmosphere lacking.

        1. Try Pazzia Osteria...

          Pazzia Osteria
          848 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA