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Feb 29, 2008 06:16 AM

Dough Pizzeria (SAT) great new pizza

After reading an article in the newspaper explaining the efforts that went in to the training and preperation involved in creating this new dining spot, two of us went for lunch to check it out.

It was a beautiful day, so we selected a table outside and received a very warm greeting. One of the owner's came over, and after being informed we were pizza snobs, she told us that they like pizza snobs. Good sign.

Very simple menu, some salads and pizzas, with an explanation of the process entailed in getting certified as a Neapolitan pizza maker. We asked for suggestions, and chose the two pizzas she recommended.

We also met her husband, the chef, and he took us on a tour of the kitchen. The oven was imported from Italy and is a work of beauty. It uses natural wood fuel and ranges in temp from 800-1200 degrees, necessary to cook a pizza in 90 seconds per the certification standard.

We chose two small pizzas, just the right amount for us.

One had fontina cheese, roasted mushrooms and carmelized onion, the other fresh mozzarella, aruga, proscuittio and reggiano parmesan.

Both used very high quality ingrediants and were delicious. They even modify the water and make it available for drinking.

Will definitely return.

Located at 410 and Blanco.

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  1. i have heard good things. Is it inside or outside of 410? Thanks!

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      just inside, first strip mall on the west side of blanco

    2. Best pizza in town hands down....

      1. eyedoc...thanks for the post. My pop was talking about this very pizzeria tonight at dinner. He said the pies were great, and he talked at length about how perfect the crust was, how they made the mozz every day in house, eteceteras. But, he didn't think the prices would be able to sustain it in a price-conscious city. Any thoughts out there?

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          I have the same concerns. An hour wait for a table at 6:30 on a tuesday night is a good sign. I'm sure things will calm down, but the quality of the food is so high and the place is so small, I don't think they'll have a problem keeping busy.

        2. Tried Dough for lunch this week. In short, I thought that the pizza was delicious. I went for the Potato Pizza that had sliced potato, carmelized onions, gorganzola, and a few other ingredients. My only concern is that I ordered the Large pizza ($14.99) and it was only 6 small slices, which really wasn't enough to fill me up. The place has very limited seating, and was packed during the lunch rush. My waitress was trying to hard to keep up with the demand, and did so with a friendly face.

          All in All, I plan on going back to try some other offerings, but right now I may be leaning toward Fraolo's as my #1 choice for fine pizza.

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            You must have a big appetite, I've been ok splitting two small pizzas with one other person both times I've been there. I think the place is intentionally small because of the limited oven space.

            1. re: saeyedoc

              We were going to try this place Friday night but were running late to meet friends so tried to order TO GO. We were told no. Guess thats also due to the limited oven space. My DH, who has been in the food business most of his life could not believe it. I scooted him out of there before he could say anything. We later laughed that the look on his face was like out of a Larry David, Curb your Enthusiam episode. Now, we call it "No To Go-at Dough" or "Nough Pizzeria" We were willing to wait at bar and have a glass of wine, but ended up at Carmelos which we hadnt tried either and enjoyed.

              1. re: SAnativegirl

                I think the problem is, after 5 minutes the pizza would be cold and doesn't reheat well.