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Feb 29, 2008 06:01 AM

BLT Steak in WP?

Has anyone been to eat there yet? I have a ressie for March.

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  1. Didn't know they were there When did they open and where are they located? Any website?

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        1. re: doberlady

          Interesting. So they're a corporate entity.

          No prices on their website. I imagine they are astronomical.

          1. re: dolores

            You can view the prices for their NYC restaurant.

            1. re: doberlady

              Thanks, doberlady. They're similar to Mo's in New Rochelle. Ouch.

                1. re: southlake

                  Yes. A la carte (to be fair, I guess most steakhouses are a la carte), which is baloney, and porterhouse for two at $80. The same dish at Mo's is $88.

    1. I've been to one of the BLTs in the city. The seating was a little cramped, but the food was very good. They put that perfect char on the steak, they dry age their own beef, etc. This is as close as you're going to get to a New York City steakhouse in Westchester.

      1. Went to BLT in WP last weekend. Very much enjoyed my meal. The service was also very good. I had the Rib Eye and my wife had the veal chop. The Rib Eye was excellent and the Veal Chop was one of the best i've ever tried. Only disappointment was the bone marrow served with my Rib Eye. It tasted fine, but the temp was too low. Overall I will certainly return. Probably the best steak house in WC that I have been to (have not been to flames yet, but have visited everywhere else). As expected the restaurant is not cheap. But if you are looking for great aged beef, this is the place to go.

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        1. re: elizabean

          thanks for the review. Can you tell me if the seating was cramped for tables of 2, did you feel rushed and what did the dress code seem like?

          Thanks in advance :)

          1. re: doberlady

            do they have the utterly deelish popovers in WP too?

            1. re: pwrube

              omg, yes, the popovers were incredible. My wife and i went a few weeks ago, and dined at the bar.... The ribeye was incredible... The bone marrow was so decadent. It was expensive. Our bill was over $200 for drinks, apps, entrees, and 3 sides.... (no bottled wine)

              1. re: frequentdiner

                >>Our bill was over $200 for drinks, apps, entrees, and 3 sides.... (no bottled wine)

                AND you had to pay for parking?


                1. re: dolores

                  If i am spending >$200 for dinner for two, im not worried about $5 for parking and a tip.... (im acutally not sure what the parking charge was). If i wanted to save, i guess I could have found street parking in WP. If i drove to manhattan, parking would have been $45

            2. re: doberlady

              The restaurant is spacious and comfortable. Dress code is relaxed. Dressed up jeans are fine.

              1. re: elizabean

                Also sat at the bar few weeks ago. Had the special, a bone-in Ribeye I think. Had to send it back, came Medium near the bone, medium well everywhere else. Was better the 2nd go-round, but still slightly overcooked. Not worth the money, but will give them another shot.