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Feb 29, 2008 05:58 AM

Restaurant X, Cornelius, NC

Has anyone been to this rather new restaurant? How is the atmosphere? How is the menu/food? Is it full of students from nearby Davidson College? Would my spunky, 70-year old parents be comfortable there? Do you think it's more of a lunch place, dinner place, or either?

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  1. It's great -- for either lunch or dinner. Really good food (especially anything involving seafood -- and try the spring roll appetizers), and very friendly service. The clientele is (are?) more grownups than college students. The seating area can seem small, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, or during a lunch rush; I think they take reservations for dinner. They also serve Sunday brunch, which comes highly recommended.

    1. Restaurant X is actually in Davidson (not obvious, since one town virtually runs into the other) and is an excellent addition to the local scene. The owners are British/Irish and you find many homestyle meals from their home countries on the menu, as well as regional favorites such as Shrimp & Grits, pastas, seafood, and "square meals." The patrons are mostly, in fact, not college students, but local residents. It's a small restaurant, so a reservation is a good idea, but the space is charming and they have a fun little patio that they heat in the winter. After having eaten there several times (I moved to Davidson about nine months ago) I highly recommend Restaurant X. I have some food sensitivities and they're also helpful and friendly about making substitutions. The desserts are also great.