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Feb 29, 2008 05:53 AM

Great Vietnamese in Allston/Brighton/Brookline?

I moved to Allston around 2 months ago and I am missing my locate Pho particular their amazing lemongrass broth. Is there a place anyone would recommend in the area that has great pho/noodle soup or soup in general?

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  1. Le's in Allston is probably the best option. Other good SE Asian noodle soups can be found at Dok Bua and Rod Dee.

    1. I usually go to Le's, but the pho at Pho Viet in the Super 88 food court is supposed to be better. (I keep meaning to try it, but their banh mi are sososo good...)

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        I have tried Le's and Pho Viet and I did not think either was particularly delicious.

      2. i'd have to posit that great pho doesn't exist in that neighborhood, although i have to admit that i've given up on it some time ago and so haven't kept up with any possible changes.

        here's a pretty recent thread on the topic of pho:

        1. I like Pho Lemongrass on Harvard Ave in Coolidge Corner. Decent pho and not too expensive.

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            If I were in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood, I'd probably pick Zenna Noodle over Pho Lemongrass; neither is strictly "authentic", but my experiences at Lemongrass haven't been great, food-quality-wise, whereas Zenna is fine.

            But neither is anywhere close to great. Not sure you can get really good outside of Dorchester..?

            1. re: amatto

              Agree with the comment on Pho Lemongrass. When it opened, it was excellent but then the quality started going down - I didn't want to lose the only pho place I had within walking distance, so I kept giving them a chance over the next few years, despite the spoiled beef balls... the boring broth... the broken mushy noodles... and finally, I just had to give up the pho ghost. I only get the dry vermicelli/bun there now.

          2. Thanks for the input. I tried Le's and was not completely let down, although it's nowhere near as good as my home town pho. The soup was very one dimensional in the broth area (it was the same for the 3 I sampled). Also, they were seriously lacking in anything other than beef pho. I tried the seafood & yellow noodle and I would say that for the 7 dollar price it could be me quick fix for takeout soup around Harvard ave.

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            1. re: seedove17

              Do give Pho Viet in the Super 88 a try as well. Also, in the "soup in general" category, try Ken's Ramen, also in the Super 88, but not in the food court - it's a tiny separate restaurant across the corridor on the way in to the supermarket. Their ramen is excellent.

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                I agree with the "one-dimensionality" at Le's. I prefer the pho at Pho Viet over Le's. Just had it the other day since I had a cold (took a break from the banh mi) and it hit the spot.