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Feb 29, 2008 05:51 AM

Suggestions needed (badly)!

hey people, canadian foodie needs help with lunch and dinner decisions while in NO for first time at the end of march. want to experience the essence of NO food, cheap to high end, so i want all the "don't miss this" you can offer!!!

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  1. Lunch: August, open Fri. only, (don't miss the Tempura Buster Crabs), Commanders (good food, great service 25 cent martinis), Galatoire's, Central Grocery (although you can get a muff. to go and take it home), oyster poboy at Bozos or Casamentos, horseradish sauce roast beef poboy with a bowl of gumbo at Liuzza by the Track, tapas at Riomar, oysters at the bar at Felix's. Dinner: Brigtsens, Herbsaint, LaBoca for (skirt)steak. Cafe Giovanni on a Wed., Fri. or Sat. We only order the "feed me" 4courses/4 wines $45. If you feel the Emeril need, eat at the food bar at Emeril's. Gelato at Brocatos and beignets at DuMonde.

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      thank you, will have 9 days to do them all!!!

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        JazzyB's suggestions were just for the first day. You'll still have eight days left!!!!

        I have no complaint, only seconds (or maybe thirds by now) for the recs. Have not been to all, but the ones that I have, that are mentioned, are the ones that I'd have stuck in. I think JazzyB did a better job, than I could have done, also. I will bring a few of the "new to me" spots along in March, in case we have an extra couple of hours.

        Enjoy, as there is really no other place, quite like New Orleans.


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          BTW, I didn't recommend Stella because (and I'm definitely in the minority) IMO it is the most overrated resto in NOLA. It left us totally underwhelmed.

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            We're planning on trying it for the first time this month. I've heard so many good things, that I cannot let it pass. Kinda' like Mama's Fish House on Maui, though the reviews there seem totally polarized - 50-50. We'll be adding it to the list for May, just so we can see for ourselves.

            Thanks for the H/U. I'll report on our excursion.


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          That is one hell of a list Jazzy. I have been to all of those places except LaBoca and Cafe Giovanni and I can second ALL of the recs you made. I will be returning for the Jazzfest and I plan on hitting a bunch of the places you mentioned. GREAT JOB.

        3. Cafe Giovanni is a great choice that I think often gets left off of the list only because it doesn't do New Orleans food.

          Clancy's is right up there with Brigtsen's for a wonderful Uptown dinner experiece.

          1. Parkway Bakery - gravy drenched roast beef poboy.
            Ignatius - not so gravy drenched roast beef poboy.
            Frankie and Johnny's - fried bell pepper rings and muffaletta.
            Cuvee' - osso bucco deconstructed.
            Jacques Imo's - alligator cheesecake and fried chicken
            Rio Mar - tuna entree', ceviche sampler (dinner only, this is one of my fav dishes of all time)
            Galatoire's - crabmeat sardou.
            Mandina's - trout, turtle soup.
            Cafe Bon Ton - turtle soup.
            Big Al's - boiled seafood/crawfish.
            Sucre' - gelato, chocolates, or parfait of the day.
            St. James Cheese Co. - good sandwiches and tons of artisanal cheeses (lunch only)
            Martin Wine Cellar - New Orleans' best hamburger (uptown location still closed, you'll have to go to metairie - Lunch only)
            MiLA - the best new restaurant in town, period.
            Brocato's - cannoli.
            Creole Creamery - ice cream.
            Crepe Nanou - coq au vin crepe
            Blue Plate Cafe - breakfast, shrimp and grits.
            Also: Matt n Naddie's, Upperline, Martinique Bistro (soups, rabbit), Lilette, Ralph's on the Park (pork tournedos with P&J oysters, escargot)

            I second all the other recommendations as well.

            My wife planned a day for you. (1) breakfast: brennan's; (2) Lunch: Mandina's; (3) Lunch dessert: Brocato's; (4) Dinner: Ralph's on the Park. This keeps you on the Canal streetcar line. You ride it up to Mandina's and eat lunch. Get back on the streetcar heading the same way (or walk the couple of blocks). Get off at Carrolton, turn right on Carrolton, and go to Angelo Brocato's. After that, get back on streetcar heading the same way. Go up to city park and go to the New Orleans Museum of Art. Hang out at the museum and city park until dinner time. Eat at Ralph's. Take the streetcar back to the quarter. One day down 8 to go. Have fun.

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              THank You ALL!!! we're getting more snow this week, already buried under it, what keeps me going is the sweet talk of NO food and planning for it!!!
              getting there march 24, and counting the days

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                Just ate at Big Al's on Friday. The food was good, but overpriced (dz oysters $12.00, dz shrimp $12.95, lb crawfish $4.95). For a Friday night during lent, they were pretty empty. I hope they lower their prices so that they make it.