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Feb 29, 2008 05:48 AM

Portland, Me - any good places to eat?

Will be heading up to Portland Me tomorrow night and was hoping to get some recommendations on some places to eat. We'll be going to the Merrill Auditorium for a show after.

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  1. Portland is a major destination with great restaurants in all cuisines -except Chinese - and at all price levels. You can check out the "Portland Food Map" blog for a comprehensive overview with linked reviews. Otherwise it may be helpful to give the huge readership of Chowhound some idea of what you are looking for.

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      I've been trying to do some research myslef and Bibo's Mad Apple Cafe or PepperClub look interesting to me. Somewhere fun, good food and not too expensive and within walking distance to Merrill Auditorium.

    2. Oh, honey, are you in for some responses!

      1. Street and Company great seafood.

        1. We recently had a good meal at Norm's Bar & Grille on Congress Street (near Merrill Auditorium) -- casual and not expensive.

          1. Portland is a foodie town.If you search the board for Portland, you'll find gazillions of responses. Given that about 10 inches of snow is predicted in greater Portland tomorrow, you probably want something really close to Merrill. Walter's, on Exchange St., is about two or three blocks from Merrill. Bibo's another good choice is about a bit farther. Pepperclub has an emphasis on, but not exclusively, vegie fare; fun spot, but it's a bit of a slog in snow. Street & Co. is pricey. Norm's is up the other end of Congress, not a bad walk, but probably not something you'll want to do in the snow, either. Another possibility is the lounge side of 555. For more info, try: Whatever you do, make reservations.