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Feb 29, 2008 05:26 AM

Spanish Churros with Chocolate

Good Morning, Hounds!

Does anyone know of an authentic Spanish bakery where I can get Spanish churros with chocolate dipping sauce?


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  1. i've never tried them but i think i've read on here a few people mentioning that Despana sells them :) and that they are mighty fine :)

    408 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

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    1. re: blizzard854

      I've yet to try them, but I believe they're only available on Sundays. No word yet whether they're truly Spanish (i.e., savory instead of sweet), but it's such a great store that they should be delicious anyway...

        1. re: Produce Addict

          I don't think so - they have sandwiches etc., but I don't recall a place to eat.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Despana has a small counter to the right of the store. I don't recall if there were stools there but you can definitely hang out there and eat.

            And I love Boqueria for their churros. Their hot chocolate is bitter and a nice complement to the sweet churros.

          2. re: Produce Addict

            BUMPing an old thread to note that as of December 2009, Despana has expanded its seating. Unfortunately, their churros are also tiny and way overpriced.

          3. re: theannerska

            "No word yet whether they're truly Spanish (i.e., savory instead of sweet)...".

            I have been eating this with my Dad at every Spanish cafe/restaurant that he came upon that served these since I was a kid.
            My Dad must have held back o me, because I never knew that churros con chocolate was supposed to be savory and not sweet.

            1. re: RCC

              RCC, I admittedly have only tasted churros in Madrid (and not all of Spain). But in Madrid, at least, they were always savory and served as a great, greasy contrast to the sweet chocolate. In NY, I've only found sweet churros dusted with cinnamon and sugar -- but the search goes on...

              1. re: theannerska

                I agree and, nope, the churros that I had were not dusted with sugar nor cinammon when I had them. Look just like plain, slightly greasy, fried dough. It's probably just me, but I don't refer to that as savory, though.

                1. re: RCC

                  I don't remember them being particularly salty, either -- definitely the plain, fried dough you're describing! I think my mind classifies them as savory (and I think I've heard the same differentiation somewhere...) because the cinnamon-sugar version is so much sweeter.

                  1. re: RCC

                    Most of my churro experience is from Madrid and Sevilla. I've never thought of them as savory either and were just as you described them.

            2. re: blizzard854

              Despana churros were overpriced. Decent enough taste. Crunchy texture. But insanely expensive. $3.50 for four churros without hot chocolate, two churros with hot chocolate. Churros were very fresh, dusted with sufar, and fried to order but TINY. Each was about 3" long. Thin hot chocolate that was oversweetened and tasted too much of orangeo. Meh. I wouldn't go back. For the two of us to share four churros and two small hot chocolates? $7.

              408 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

            3. Pamplona has that as one of their desserts, and it was great. (Careful of your suggestions otherwise, make sure and read past Pamplona reviews.)

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              1. re: doona

                I agree - was just about to say the same thing - one of the stand outs at an otherwise disappointing meal at Pamplona. I know I've had them one other place where they were wonderful, but it's not coming to mind. Maybe Boqueria?

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    Hmm, maybe I will go back to Pamplona only for drinks and desserts. The other stuff is just subpar.

                    Slightly O/T - where to get Brazilian churros con leite e coco?

                1. Previous thread:

                  I like the ones at Five Points during brunch, but it's not a Spanish bakery.

                  1. we just had pumpkin churros for dessert at the newly-opened Islero (50th btw 2nd and 3rd)...they were tasty, but I can't vouch for their authenticity.

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                    1. re: Sophia.

                      Thanks for all of the great suggestions!!