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Feb 29, 2008 03:50 AM

Got anything about Spezie?

What is the atmoshere like at Spezie? We have a reservation there for a group of 10 girls, prior to a show at the Improv. Is it within walking distance to the Improv, as well? Close to the Mayflower Hotel?

(Lots of questions, I know....just want to map out the night!)

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  1. I haven't been there but I know Tom Sietsma gave it a favorable review recently in the Food Section of the Washington Post. Not to sure about the locale but you can go to the food section and click on reviews and find Spezie.

    1. I have been since the remodel and it was wonderful. The bar area looked really nice, we sat in the front of the restaurant but it was dark colors but warm. We went for RW and the service was great the host was pleasent he even checked back on us to see how we were doing and refill our wine glasses (since we were in eyesight of him) our server was very nice although I think busier than she was used to because it was Restaurant Week and that means they are busy busy. Their menu for Restaurant Week was their complete menu. I had the pork belly and pea pasta which was excellent. I forget what else I had but everything was really good. Both BF and I had a great experience and thought it was excellent we will definitely be going back which is big for us since there are so many new places all the time to try. Here is my report with a few others:

      1. It is half a block from the Mayflower and 3/4 of a block from the Imrpov. Easy walking distance. Enjoy.

        1. A great choice. I hold an annual board meeting at the Mayflower and we often chose Spezie for our dinner. They have a group room but it may not be worth it for 10 people. Good menu, good service, and about as convenient as can be for your evening.