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Feb 28, 2008 10:18 PM

good cheap lunch on century by LAX?

hey everyone, i have an orientation tomorrow and am wondering what's up foodwise at this awful sounding location? i honestly have no clue, plus ill be CARLESS (it's around century and 96th if that helps). also, i'm a little short on cash right now, so the cheaper the better. id prefer something healthy btw, like a really good sandwich, just as long as its not a fast food place, but i know sometimes beggars can't be choosers...TIA!

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  1. While I'm a little uncertain of what your location will be (since Century and 96th run parallel to one another) if this location is close enough for you then there is a little deli type place inside an office building next door to the Hilton Hotel called Plaza Cafe that might do the trick.

    Plaza Cafe
    5777 W Century Blvd #104
    Los Angeles 90045
    between Airport Blvd & Bellanca Ave