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Wedding Dinner for 20 in LA

Hey All,

So after trying to figure out a huge wedding in Texas, we have declared it a bust and it is a RELIEF. We hadn't even planned to have a wedding at all but my parents said awww and I said well maybe we can do something. But nope, too many cooks in this kitchen! And anyway, I'd rather give our $$ to a down payment on a house.

So now the plan is to just have both our immediate families come to a small ceremony in LA and then a special dinner afterwards. I'm up for anything and anywhere and ready to spend 2 months rent on it. This will be a special day so I want a special dinner! I want wonderful food, and wonderful wine.

Some requests...
-I'd really like a private room.
-We will have 2 young kids with us, which I am fine with. But I would like a private room so I won't disturb anyone.
-I'd possibly be up for a place that may have some Asian fusion dishes? His grandparents and mom will be there. Both usually just eat Vietnamese food.
- I would like to be able to bring in a tiny wedding cake. (Cake was the only part of this wedding that had sounded good to me and actually kept me thinking maaayyybeee this can work.)

Time Frame: Sometime in the coming months.
People: Around 20, including 2 young kids.

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. What about Chinois or Yamashiro?

    Not Asian fusion but might be nice:
    Tanzore - beautiful, great indian food, and they have a nice private room.
    Il Cielo - romantic & outdoors

    1. What about Crustacean? Not sure if they have a private room.

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        ugh. the food at crustacean is so beyond overrated that it makes me sad every time i see it recommended on CH...which fortunately isn't too often.

        chaya brasserie is another option for asian fusion.
        pane e vino has a wonderful, romantic outdoor patio and solid italian food.
        i also like the idea of il cielo or chez mimi.

        Pane e Vino
        8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

        Chaya Brasserie
        8741 Alden Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90048

      2. I agree with Chinois, though don't know much about their private room possibilities.
        Also, nothing to do with Asian fusion, but lovely private rooms with very good food and a terrific staff--Chez Mimi. I've always been impressed with private parties there.

        1. Are you willing to come to Orange County? There are several upscale-ish Viet restaurants with excellent food in the Little Saigon area.

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            Wow great restaurant suggestions. I'm excited to look into these.

            II Cielo & Chez Mimi look good as well. I would definitely be up to suggestions that are not asian fusion too!

            Oh and suggestions for OC are welcome.

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              S Fine Dining is Vietnamese restaurant owned by a pastry chef trained in classic French technique. The food is mostly on the Vietnamese side of that fusion, and most things I've eaten here are very good. There is a private room available.

              Brodard Chateau is another upscale candidate in Little Saigon. It's the dressed up big sister to the original Brodard restaurant, with an upward move on the menu and prices. I'm not sure on the private room situation here, so call and ask.

              Brodard Chateau
              9100 Trask Ave Garden, Grove, CA

              S Vietnamese Fine Dining
              545 Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA 92683

          2. Mozza has a lovely private room that would absolutely hold 20... I'm not sure which menu you order from, the Pizzaria or the Osteria... but I think either.

            It's called the Jack Warner room and it's just great. Warm, stone, wood. I went to a birthday there and it was really really special.

            1. Most Asian places do not have a problem with you bringing in a cake. I went to a nice wedding reception at Mission 612 earlier in the year- they have several rooms you could probably rent and you could bring your own wine.

              I'm actually in the same boat re: wedding but didn't get off as lucky as you did! We are probably going to go with Cafe del Rey in MDR in late June (the actual ceremony is going to be in May in Cabo San Lucas, a second reception in Vermont in July). They have a minimum charge of $1K in the daytime and $2K in the evenings, I think the most expensive dinner choice for 4 courses was $79 per person but I'd have to check to make sure. The food is decent and it is on the Marina. I think they are used to slightly larger weddings but you may want to check them out. It is mostly seafood so it may be okay with the grandparents and mom.

              1. Yamashiro on N. Sycamore in L.A. might be an interesting Asian-Fusion option and they may have a private room. I was a guest at an intimate wedding at Inn Of The Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon. The ambiance was quite nice. I do believe they have a private room and a ceremony at sundown there would provide a lovely backdrop for photos. My husband and I paired down our wedding too in 2006. I'm a caterer and subsequently designed our menu, had a fellow chef execute it, hired my staff and married in a friend's gorgeous back yard with 60 guests. Good luck!

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                  as a vegetarian/pescatarian, i expected to love inn of the seventh ray.
                  i do agree that the ambiance is terrific.
                  the food, though, i thought was fair to middling.

                2. I had a friend who had around 20 people to The Raymond in Pasadena. Everyone raved about it.