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Feb 28, 2008 07:54 PM

Dinner in Dana Point

We're going to be up in Dana Point in a couple weeks. Any ideas for dining, both nice and casual are fine, as long as it is good!

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  1. Dana Point is in OC, which is covered on the LA board. That said, I had a good dinner at Michael Mina's place at one of the big resorts there (Ritz Carlton??). I am completely blanking on the hotel name.

    1. Stonehill Tavern (Michael Mina's restaurant) at the St. Regis Hotel is excellent. I enjoyed it as much as his place in San Francisco.

      1. When we lived in Dana Point, we loved Marios by the Sea for Italian. It is not really by the sea though :) it is up the hill, Golden Lantern at Del Avion. Also, good mexican at Olamendi's down the coast in San Clemente, right on the beach, and Carlos right in Dana Point on PCH

        1. I concur on Stonehill Tavern (Michael Mina's place at the St. Regis).

          Here's a full report I did with pictures:

          1. Lots of good choices.
            Stonehill Tavern is the tops in quality and price.

            Vine in San Clemente is excellent

            as is Gemmell's in Dana Point Harbor

            Savannah Chop House is right up the hill from the Harbor (2 mi) and is also good for steaks.

            Very nice wine bar in town called Purple Feet

            For more casual fare, take a walk around the Harbor and there are quite a few choices.
            such as Harpoon Henrys & Wind and Sea.

            Best Italian in DP is at Casanova or Ferantelli's

            Best Mexican is Olamendi's (actually couple miles south in Capo Beach)

            Best Sushi is Gen Kai. Sorry no website. but it's on PCH

            Rambling but that kind of covers it.