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Feb 28, 2008 06:58 PM

The free McSkillet burrito... good for nothing

With a medium or large drink it was free today (2/28) and Friday (2/29)

If you have any desire to try this ... this is the time.

Normally it is about $2.50. At my local McDonald's a medium coffee is $1.50 ... so ...

The McSkillet Burrito is a made-to-order burrito with with scrambled eggs, sausage, melted cheddar jack and American cheese, red and green bell peppers, onions and potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla.

I am always amazed with give-aways if the product isn't that great.

The McSkillet is only ok. The $1 breakfast burrito is much better because it is smaller and salsa is on the side. The bigger McSkillet calls attention to the flaws because there is more of it. I wouldn't pay for this on my own.

What really ruins it is the salsa ... you know what I've mean if you ever tried McDonald's red salsa ... like Pace ... or any mediocre mass-produced salsa. The potatoes were kind of soft and unpleasant. The sausage isn't good even applying Jimmy Dean standards.

All wrapped in one of McDonald's flabby flour tortillas.

All in all, underwhelming. Even the worst taco truck makes a better burrito.

t is 610 wasted calories

The coffee ... ick. Really, I'm no fan of Starbucks but they don't need to fear McDonald's entry into the coffee world. The only benefit of the coffee is that coffee is not a good drink usually with spicy foods ... it intensifies spiciness ... withouth the coffee the burritto had little spicy heat.

Here's a picture and a description

Apocalypse burrito

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  1. I live literally within a stone's throw of a McD's and I never go. About a month ago, their advertising finally persuaded me it might be worth the calories, but I was dead wrong. I couldn't eat half of it - the sausage was terrible and greasy and the peppers and potatoes had little to no flavor. And you are absolutely right - the salsa kills the whole thing, even if it doesn't stand a chance in that excuse of a tortilla.

    Give 'em away, people can't possibly crave that thing in the morning.

    1. I tried one this morning. I haven't eaten fast food in months, but I wanted to try their coffee, which I had heard is good (and it is, considering the source), and the burrito was free, so why not? Well, its only (slightly) redeeming quality was it's mild spiciness. I was actually surprised that they have so much kick in the salsa. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't "spicy" by any stretch of the imagination, I just thought it had more heat than I expected foor food geared to the general McDonald's crowd. I couldn't finish the thing. I kept thinking of ways I could make it much better at home. I like the sausage McMuffins, though. They should give those away for free instead! LOL!

      I'll definitely get the coffee again, though.

      1. I've had two of the MCSk Burritos before. "Free" didn't even tempt me today. The potatoes are simply pieces of boiled potato. They suck all of the flavor out of the product as a whole, and add a bland mushy texture to it. If they were to add one of their whole hash brown patties, I might be on board. Even better would be if they could add a similar hash brown patty with about 50% less sodium. This product idea had to be approved by some new exec trying to make a name for themselves. It's just really not that good. Free is prolly the last ditch effort to try to get consumers to try and discover this product. I give it two more months, tops. It could be better if they just tried.

        Boiled unseasoned potato? Come on!!

        1. one of my New Years resoulutions was to never go to McDonalds again.. So Far so good(although not that much of a sacrifice, since in other years I would go manbe 3 or 4 times in a year). This McSkillet sounds terrible, and just another item they offer that convinces me that I made the right decision to avoid McDonalds altogether.

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          1. re: swsidejim

            After I read Fast Food Nation, about 10 years ago, I made the same decision. I have only had Mc D's twice in 10 years. Once b/c on a road trip little bro wanted the new McSkillet and just a month ago on a field trip in which all the kids and adults were given a meal. I feel no loss. So many other choices nowadays.

            1. re: justagthing

              I have never read Fast Food Nation, my self imposed ban is more about the search for good food, and trying to support the little guy, over any other issue regarding McDonalds.

              1. re: justagthing

                Same here. After reading FFN, I've eaten at McD's once, in Tokyo, for the free Shrimp Croquette sandwich. That was enough to swear me off of Ronald, the Grimace, Hamburgular and their ilk forever.

                1. re: AndyP

                  shrimp croquette...really?? at mcdonalds?? where was this at and how long ago?

                  was it like a crabcake, only, well, shrimp?

                  1. re: asiansensation007

                    Hey asiansensation007,

                    The McD was at the Aomono-yokocho station on the Keihin line from Shinagawa, (the blue train). This would have been in late Feb. early Mar. of 1999.

                    Shrimp in cream sauce cooked croquette style. Vile.


            2. I wish we had Mc free give aways here in Colombia. I'd eat the burrito. So would a lot of people here.