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Feb 28, 2008 05:35 PM

Desserts and Drinks in Rockville

I'm looking for intimate place to have deserts and drinks, romantic atmosphere would be a big plus. I'm willing to travel into Bethesda, but don't want to have to drive too far. A great chocolate desert is basically a requirement. Any suggestions would awesome, thank you :-)

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  1. Grey Stone Grill in Rockville town square. WHile I might not recommend the food, they do have a fabulous chocolate souffle (takes a bit of time, but worth the wait), and a couple of fireplaces. Good martini list.

    1. I've always enjoyed the desserts at Persimmons in Bethesda

      1. Thanks for the recs :-)

        1. What about Grapeseed in Bethesda? If you like wine they have a phenomenal by the glass (or tasting size) selection and not sure exactly what desserts are on offer but they had several last time we were there. And they just renovated and the reports so far are favorable.
          Sometime when you want a full meal and are willing to go into that general area give Tavira a try. Yummy Portuguese food (an actual unique ethnic cuisine here!), good wine list (and great sangria) and attentive service. And the atmosphere is downright romantic! IT's in the Chevy Chase bank building (on CT in C.C.) and has free parking, a big bonus around here.