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Need a restaurant for a Bachelor party . . . Fogo de Chao vs Mastros . . .

Kind of deciding between these two. Went to Mastros and loved it but have not been to Fogo De Chao but drool over the website all the time . . . suggestions?

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  1. also open to other suggestions as well . . .

    1. my husband had his bachelor part at the dakota steakhouse in the roosevelt hotel.

      1. I haven't been to Mastros, but I had a great meal at Fogo de Chao and imagine the all-you-can-eat deal there would be quite appealing for a bunch of guys.

        1. I've never been to the LA Fogo, but I've been to several others. They were having a batchlor party in the Houston location the night I was there and the guys seemed to be having a great time. I agree: Most guys are major carnivores, so it's a great deal...:-}

          1. If you want to have a more classy and expensive time with quality meats, I vote Mastro's, especially the 2nd floor. I love the steaks and the 2nd floor is sceney and fun. 1st floor is more subdued and darker. Fogo is loud and large but the food was subpar for me, especially for the price. When I imagine a bachelor party, I imagine a lot of guys drinking and carrying on and having a loud great time. If that's the case, by all means Fogo.

            1. Been to both. Mastros is incredible for steaks, celebrities, etc. but very pricey. Fogo is a place where you have to be serious about eating and wear elastic. Dont waste your time with chix at Fogos, stick to the red meat and the delicious cheese bar. Dang...invite me..i am starving now.

              1. First of all, eliminate Fogo de Chao right off the bat. I like the place, but it's no Bachelor Party location (at least not if a place like Mastro's is in consideration). Now I love churrascarrias, but frankly this one's overpriced. If you want to go to one, hit up Picanha in Burbank for about 1/3 the cost. But neither are good for Bachelor Parties.

                Now to Mastro's. I absolutely love that place (I know that's a bit of a hot-button item on this board). And you certainly won't make any mistake choosing it. But it depends on what you also want to do for the BP. If you plan to hit up a place in Hollywood, you should also consider Dakota at the Hollywood Roosevelt (I believe someone else mentioned that as well), the new WeHo outpost of NYC's STK (not a lot of reviews yet, but I'm going there tonight and can let you know more afterward), or BOA (I like the food at the one in Santa Monica better, but the one on Sunset is probably a better BP location and vibe, and you can use the Balboa bar before or afterward).

                Depending on the size, you could also consider one of the private rooms at Mozza (either Pizzeria or Osteria). Not exactly a steakhouse, but certainly worth considering nevertheless.

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                  I went to STK last night. It would be a GREAT site for a bachelor party for a number of reasons. First, for the CH crowd, it the steakhouse fare is very good. My 10 oz filet was delicious, as were the mac-and-cheese and truffle fries as sides. (We ordered others, but those were everyone's favorites.) Other orders at the table were their 14 oz (I think) NY Strip and a bone-in Rib-eye. Everyone really liked their food. And our wine, selected by my friend, was great.

                  Perhaps more important for the poster himself, the atmosphere and crowd are perfect for a BP. Think Vegas-in-LA. Or, as I commented afterward, a porn convention at dinner. Seriously, it's a steakhouse with a trendy bar design, great people-watching crowd, great bar scene, and a DJ spinning. Perfect for dinner and post-dinner debauchery (at least until the "tasteful entertainment" where you may well see some of the diners all over again!).

                2. Mozza is a nice restaurant, but a Bachelor Party usually calls for a steakhouse, IMHO. And Mastro's fits the bill nicely. Get a private room. 2nd floor is noisy and fun, and has a decidedly older crowd (cougars galore).

                  Yes, Fogo is all-you-can-eat, but the vibe is just "off" for a Bachelor Party.

                  1. Fogo is sub par, gimmicky, and overpriced... Not even in the same league as Mastro's, which would be perfect for a bachelor party.

                    By the way, Gyu Kaku, which shares the same parking lot as Fogo, is off the charts delicious. It may take you a while to figure out what to get there, as their menu is a bit confusing (as witnessed by its mulitple versions in only a few years) but once you get it, its grilled meat paradise.
                    Think: Korean BBQ done better... many many more meat choices and you can order them in smaller batches, so you are not stuck with the same kind of meat for the whole meal as you are across the street at Woo Lae Oak

                    1. we had my bro's at fogo and it was good as it was price fixed about 50 pp then drinks too...most of the boys couldn't afford the 150pp plus that can easily be racked up at maestros...they gave us a long table for like 24 and it worked great. hard taking orders /waiting on group that big at a regular restaurant so that all u can eat worked well...i liked the mini lamb chops best and the food was great -- out of town non-food snobs loved it and still rave about what a fun time it was there...of course, you'll need another place for the postdinner fiesta!...maestros better food but if a bigger group and you're holding the credit card, fogetaboutit!

                      1. Hmmm...the money you would spend on a "bachelor party" at Mastro's for dinner could much better be spent on "entertainment"...tasteful, of course...

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                          And that brings us to why Vegas is a better option for these things, as there is at least the possibility of blackjack or craps helping to defray some of the cost.

                        2. Mastro's. Go upstairs and eat in the bar area. A bachelor party is a great time for guys to feel like Sinatra or Dean Martin. Order a martini. Eat spectacular beef. Flirt with the pretty women. Enjoy.

                          1. Gauchos Village. There are carnaval dancers. Also live band, diners get up and dance, generally a fun party scene.