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Feb 28, 2008 05:11 PM

Salsa "juice"

Does anyone know if there is a use for the liquid at the bottom of the salsa container? Can it be used as a soup base?

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  1. I don't typically use this, but it would be a natural add-in to any mexican tomato dish, like tinga, or could be added to a marinade for beef or other meat. might also be good in a bloody mary.

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        Tinga is a dish from Puebla Mexico which usually involves a meat of your choice cooked in a chorizo, chipotle and tomato base. Most commonly the meat is shredded chicken or pork.

        Its one of my favorite things to eat!

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          Do you have a recipe for this, it sounds great.

    1. How about make a salad dressing from it?

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          Well, I'm someone who "wings" things a lot in the kitchen, but I think you could add the juice to oil and vinegar for that sort of dressing, or add it to sour cream, maybe some mayo for a creamy sort of dressing. Add other spices as necessary, but maybe the salsa has enough zip on its own.

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            The Old School Mexican American places in East L.A. (mostly founded in the late 40's) would serve every meal with a salad of finely shreeded iceberg, sliced onions, topped with thousand island & smooth tomato-pickled jalapeno salsa & black pepper... as ghetto as it sounds it was and is a magical combination, as the sharp, clean flavors & acidity of the salsa elevate the overly sweet, medicore, institutional thousand island into something special.

      1. If this is a home-made fresh or a canned product I agree with the other posters. If this is a "fresh" pack from the grocery that has an abnormally long life due to preservatives, I would pitch it.

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          Serve in a glass over ice for a wildly delicious and spicy "sangrita" of sorts. It's a great drink for people looking for alcohol-free beverages for Mexican-themed parties and outdoor grill events.

          When we attended last year's Windrose Farm Tomato Festival, the liquid pulled from the event's salsa bowl (by way of salt) was served as a beverage (next to the lemonade) in a pitcher. I was floored by the drink and begged for the recipe. Of course, it was just the salsa water strained. Such a beautiful light pink hue on it.

          R. Jason Coulston