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Feb 28, 2008 04:55 PM

High Street Road House

Anyone know why it closed down or what they are planning on putting there, if anything. I had heard they were reopening, and it was going to be more of just a burger joint than Cajun. Any word?

Just a note. HSRH had ten times better food than the Bayou. And in my opinion, much more authentic. Their okra was like the best dessert you've ever had. Couple that with a filet of catfish the size of a frisbee and you got a meal. Great Gumbo too! Anything with real andouille sausage is great!

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  1. i hear it is to re-open as "the rye roadhouse" by st. patrick's day....same kind of food, but all cleaned up...

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    1. re: riverhound

      "all cleaned up" kind of depresses me. I like the pub-like charm. It was a fun place to catch a game after a nice big meal. Friendly people, friendly staff, and god eats. What more could you ask for?

      1. re: jhopp217

        I agree, 'cleaned up' doesn't bode well for me.

        Doesn't that imply new owners or a new chef?

        I hope no to both. Why fix what wasn't broken?

      2. re: riverhound

        What needed to be cleaned up? HSRH was just as the name implied: a roadhouse! If you've never been to one before, you don't know that the "ambiance" was genuine. I'd been eating there since '94 and am so upset that they closed. I'm not so sure that the "Rye Roadhouse" is run by the same people that ran HSRH for all these years. Check out the HSRH website:

      3. From what I know the Roadhouse closed because the previous owners let it go downhill and were getting shut down....I think that the new Roadhouse is the same, but better! It still has the pub, side of road, out of the way, charm that made it what we all loved and missed. But now it has new owners that seem dedicated to it's revival. All the food that I've eaten there so far has been fabulous...and cleaned up is great! New bathrooms is awesome!

        check it out at

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        1. re: rye girl eats out

          The prices are higher, aren't they, for the same food?

          1. re: rye girl eats out

            Good friends of mine went the other night and said that the menu, and specials were pretty much the same as what it used to be (we agreed this is a good thing), but they didn't love the little changes. She used to love the black bean soup and crab cakes. Now the soup is more of a puree than whole beans and the crab cakes had "something green that wasn't good." He said the soup was very good. Can't remember what their entrees were, but they said they were about as good as they used to be.

            This was never fine dining, but the food was always solid. I hope it's as good as it used to be.

            1. re: jhopp217

              It wasn't broke, it didn't need fixing.

              1. re: dolores

                But it was broke! Or it wouldn't have closed.

                1. re: rye girl eats out

                  We checked it out, very similar to how it was prior (at least the jambalaya was the same). There are now "sides" you can add to your meal which looked quite tasty but weren't included w/ the jambalaya. Overall I am glad with the results as the road house was one of my favorites!! The service definitely had issued but I would attribute that to the start up confusion...

                  1. re: mrgaga

                    I did hear there were a lot of first time waiters there. I was supposed to go tonight, but the plans got changed. Probably going ina week or two. Can't wait. I liked their food so much more than The Bayou. I hope it's as good as it used to be

                    1. re: jhopp217

                      Ha Ha Jhopp - I just suggested this to you on your guys night out thread. Anyway, just went last night and will say this - don't ever go at about 7pm on a Saturday night. Kitchen was backed up beyond belief and we had an awful experience in that respect - waited over an hour for any food at all and it took a very long time for any of the staff to notice we were waiting so long.

                      However, the overall quality of the food was good. I didn't care for the barbecue sauce they use on the pulled pork and the ribs/chicken wing appetizer and I assume anything else that requires bbq sauce. It is too sweet and cloying for me with a very commercial jarred taste to it. It was much less bothersome on the wings/ribs, more so on the pulled pork. The jalapeno mac and cheese was soupier than I care for but quite tasty and the fried chicken was excellent and definitely homemade and fresh.

                      1. re: laylag

                        I accidentally lost part of my reply on the above post and for some reason the edit function isn't appearing so I'll quickly finish here...

                        We availed ourselved of the hot sauces on the table to cut the sweetness of the bbq sauce so that helped. The roll the pulled pork was on was very good so that helped too.

                        While we were waiting we watched a lot of other people's food going by and most of it looked really good. Of course, the hungrier we got, the better it looked but we did note many items we'd like to try on future visits - preferably on weeknights.

                        1. re: laylag

                          I also ate there Saturday evening, got there around 8:00 and was told a half hour wait. We went to the packed bar and had one round about 10 minutes later our table was ready.

                          Yes it was very hectic but the wait staff is supper friendly and made the wait for food bearable. We started with stuffed hot peppers, which are jalapeƱos with sausage and cheese, real good. I had Jambalaya and the misses had meatloaf. Both were big entrees and were very taste.

                          A couple of beers and 1 wine and the bill was around $50; a lot of value for the money. The place was busy but we had fun, we new lots of people and it was like going to a party, the way it should be in a Cajun place!

                          1. re: Jim P

                            The hour made a huge difference. We noted that the table next to us, seated 1/2 hour after we were got their food relatively promptly. We must have been at the tail end of a huge rush. Our server was friendly, just not very experienced it seemed and didn't know what to do while we had our long, long wait for food so she just stayed away.

                            We were thinking about the meatloaf and the jambalaya - next time.

            2. re: rye girl eats out

              Your exactly right on that count, It was first time I ever ordered a $29 entree in a pair of jeans and a t shirt!!

              1. re: JB2

                High street robbery or SOP?

                The food was good, the service was fine, the bread and parking were free, but...who could have seen this one coming?

                The Roadhouse margarita, no price on the menu, came on the bill $10.50 up, $9.00 on the rocks. Huh? Never saw this one before.

                Standard business, the ?manager? said. End of story. End of High street/Rye roadhouse, thanks so much.

                1. re: dolores

                  HI Dolores,
                  I know this is late coming, but I just wanted to hit on your up vs. rocks comment. I know it is unusual to a lot of people to see this (usually you don't get to see because you order a drink one way or another) but after being in teh rest. bus for 20 years, I can tell you it is pretty standard. Up is more expensive because (usually) it is in the same siza glass as a rocks drink but no ice and therefore needs way more alcohol to achieve the same taste.
                  Just wanted to let you know. However, the recount of the managers reply when asked about it is unexcuseable!