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Feb 28, 2008 04:54 PM

Porthole Restaurant in Oceanside NY, any comments

A few years ago when I lived in Baldwin I used to go to Jessica's American Grill every few months It was located in Baldwin too, and I absolutly loved the food that chef Mark Haber cooked. I thought it was struggling, they even lowered prices and added more menu items, and then it one day closed. I've always wondered what happened, it was just a royally bad location. The food was fantastic and the prices were $10 cheaper than the same food and portion sizes would have been if the same restaurant was located in Rockville Centre. I was googling Mark's name to see if he wound up at another restaurant and found out he is now at the restaurant i mentioned above. From the pictures it looks like its a nice waterfront place. If the food is as good as Jessica's its got to be one of the best places on the water in Long Island. Has anyone been there? I am very interested to know if its the same quality. It doesn't look like he is the owner, so i don't know if he has as much control over the quality of the food. The prices are higher than than Jessica's was too.

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  1. Thanks for the double deja vu, jpf1980!

    My husband & I used to eat at Jessica's occasionally when we lived in Freeport. The food was terrific, the price was right, and for us, the location was convenient - my mother-in law, who baby sat our daughter on the nights we worked late, lived nearby. I think an unfortunate event helped do in the restaurant. A truck went thru the wall, from the parking lot. Because of the structural problems, Jessica's was closed for a while after that.

    I remember the Porthole being in East Rockaway, though near the Oceanside border. In the late 1970's I ate dinner there with my parents, though I don't remember the food being too memorable. My friends and I also went there to drink, when I was in college and after. The location was great, though. Waterfront bars on the south shore always have a certain charm.

    Jessica's food on the water (and away from the crowds of Freeport & Island Park) sounds good to me. I hope to hear more.

    1. Going to the Porthole tonight (3/22)to see friends play and to have dinner. Have not been there in 25 years when we use to live in E. Rock.. Just a beer and burger joint back then. Hope that chef you speak of is there. I will be sure to post a review.