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Feb 28, 2008 04:25 PM

Iso chinatown's best fried rice

I have a huge hankering for some fried rice...any suggestions for chinatown? It can be veg or filled with meat, I don't care, I just want some tasty fried rice. One of my favorite bowls of fried rice comes from Benihana strangely enough. I just dont feel like having the whole benihana experience...just some fried rice. Thanks in advance

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  1. I'm a big fan of fried rice but I have some Chinese friends that say Chinese restaurants frequently use left over rice to make the fried rice. Is it true? :shrugs shoulders:

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    1. re: Low Blood Sugar

      day old rice makes the best fried rice.

      1. re: wilafur

        I agree! Any restaurant reccs. for rice?

      2. re: Low Blood Sugar

        Lots of restaurants use their leftover rice at the end of the day to make what is called "jook" or rice gruel mostly in the evening times. But then I personally like fried rice too. As a general rule I never select it when ordering for a banquet. For me it's "filler food" . Something to detract from the real delicacies being served. One is supposed to taste and savor everything and not to fill up on things like rice is what I was always told.

        1. re: Clinton

          Totally agree with you about rice as filler. Fried rice was invented as a way to use leftover rice. But jook is made with raw rice, not leftover cooked rice. Maybe you're thinking of the true true peasant "dish" where boiling water is poured over the the rice stuck to the bottom of the rice pot, and thereby forming "soup"--which later became sizzling rice soup.

      3. The only good fried rice I know of is in Glendale, Fortune Inn, the subgum house rice. Sorry, I never get down to Chinatown anymore.

        1. The veggie curry fried rice at Mandarette on Beverly is DELISH!!!

          1. It is not Chinatown, but in Alhambra. Go to Shakas and order the bacon fried rice, with no pink & white stuff (kmobooku) (sp) and easy on the sauce. Then eat and be happy!

            101 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

            1. Not Chinatown but Little Tokyo.
              Koraku-you can have it plain or with an omelette and gravy on top. (get it with the omelette and gravy on top). It's pretty close and I think better than Benihana.

              (I notice that Benihana uses butter when they make it.)

              314 E 2nd St (2nd Street at San Pedro)
              Los Angeles, CA 90012
              (213) 687-4972
              (Open late)

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              1. re: monku

                Koraku..yes! That's the Tenshinchan: fried rice topped with a shrimp omelette and covered in gravy. It's ridiculously good. Making fried rice at home is really easy and comes out great.
                1)Cook rice. Let it cool to room temperature(this lets the grains shrink a little bit, allowing them to soak up more flavor)
                2)Fry it in pan with a little bit of vegetable oil, sesame oil, maybe a tsp or 2 of soy sauce, a tsp of oyster sauce, green onions, egg and pork.

                You'll be surprised how good it comes out.