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Feb 28, 2008 04:10 PM

STL: organic beef in bulk?

We're moving to STL in June. We're used to buying our organic free-range grass-fed blah blah blah etc beef in bulk, usually a quarter to a half of a cow at a time, from a local-ish farm that slaughters and has it packaged, frozen and delivered. Is there anything like this in the STL area?

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  1. You are worried about your food sources! Don't blame you one bit! I just replied to you on your other thread for restaurant recs. Never fear, this area has lots of beef/lamb/pork providers and you will be able to do this. The local harvest grocery store should be your first place to look and you will find that lots of the farmers markets have many meat providers. Schlafly bottleworks even supports a winter farmers market on the last sat of the month-so you don't have to wait for summer. Some of the other links I provided would be a great place to post this question-I know that there are people on them that get meat this way too.

    1. google the phrase and there's an operation up around Hannibal and another down by Springfield

      1. There are a few easy options. All of which you should be able to find online.

        American Grass Fed Beef, near Fruitland, MO. It's a straightshot down I-55, and they make frequent deliveries into St. Louis for restaurants. Maybe they would help you out with that since it would be two hours from St. Louis.

        Benne's Best Meat, St. Charles, MO. They are very close and very reasonably priced. They also raise chickens and pigs.

        Hinkebein Hills Farm, in Cape Girardeau. Karlios sells pork and beef at the Maplewood and Tower Grove markets, should be easy to spot...he's a big guy.

        Prairie Grass Farm sells lamb and free range eggs. Dave Hillebrand also sells at the above markets, and you'll spot him right next to Karlios.

        There are plenty of other families that raise their animals sustainably/organically. Check at the local markets since there are a lot of them. The Kirkwood market has Farrar Out Farms which has excellent meats, but I can't remember if they do any red meats.

        Good luck.

        1. grassland farms makes weekly deliveries to St. Louis every Sunday. Their beef is grassfed.

          If you go to slowfoodstl.org there is information about them and other grass-fed farmers in our area, and more will be added in the coming weeks as well.