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Feb 17, 2002 05:46 PM

Twentyfour Hours/The Standard

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Could not find any posts on this Sunset Strip spot. Not bad. Maybe a good place to take out of towners for the feel of LA. Probably best to have reservations. Need to walk around the lobby, see the modern furniture, the video installation and the young woman lounging in a tank over the reception desk. The overall feel of the common area is that of a poor man's Mondrian without the attitude. Bar is comfy looking and extends out to the pool area which affords a view not unlike that at Fenix at the Argyle down the block. Don't know if you can get anything serious to eat in the bar tho. The restaurant has the look of a hip midcentury modern coffee shop (think Ship's). The menu is more upscale. Had a respectable steak and (good) frites. My good wife opted for sea bass that came with nicely done asparagus and a little rice. The steak had a cabernet reduction sauce and crisp onion rings on top. This, plus one piping hot mini-baguette plus bottled water, a tea and a coke came to $55 plus tip. Not a bad place to hike to after a film at the Sunset 5. Limited menu but a good alternative to Puck's Cafe. Service is not obtrusive.

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  1. I have actually had great success taking out-of-towners here. It is majorly "see and be scene" spot, so reservations are good...and on weekend nights, essential.

    Not to wade into the burger wars - it doesn't compare to LA's finest, by any means - but The Standard's burger is a fine thing.

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    1. re: Lisa Bee

      Agreed. Once enjoyed a burger on the blue astro-turf by the pool. Good place to inspect other people's waist lines as you expand your own...

      1. re: Rafi

        Am I the only one who was stopped at the door by the bouncer? Was I not beautiful enough by their standard (pun intended)? He said that there was a 40 minute wait or something. I asked if I could use the restroom, went in, and they were not crowded at all.

        Later on I took some out of town friends there. I didn't think it was worth writing home about. Writing here on the board is okay, though.

        1. re: Panoz

          We got there around 7:30 on a Saturday night without reservations (just a spur of the moment idea). At first they said couldn't do anything, then immediately said we could sit at the counter. We said ok and were starting to walk to the counter. Then, they stopped us before we got 2 steps and said we could have a booth if we were out by 8:30. It was easy. Next time tho, I'd reserve on a weekend.

          1. re: Panoz

            I got the same treatment. My friend and I were dressed too casually for their tastes. So we were told a long wait. Then when we came back, dressed more chic, we were admitted almost immediately. Definitely not worth all the attitude from the hostess/bouncer.