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Feb 28, 2008 02:45 PM

Mimosa Brunches?

I was in NYC in April last year and while walking in the direction of Central Park from SoHo - I passed loads of small funky restaurants that advertised bruches with unlimited mimosas. I think it was in Chelsea but as it was the only time I was in New York We didn't have time to go at the time, but I'm going back to NY in May this year and would love to try one of the places.

I'm really sorry at the awful and vague description of where this is, but if anyone recognizes the area or street, I was wondering if you knew anything about these places? Is the food good, would you recommend it etc etc?

I would appreciate any input!


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  1. Regate on Orchard and E. Houston has great brunch w/unlimited mimosas! Very good food and the restaurant is really cozy.

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      Thanks so much for the tip, I'll give that a try!

    2. nero in meatpacking does an unlimited brunch as well.

      1. Primitivo in Chelsea on 14th Street does good Saturday and Sunday brunches with the complimentary Mimosa thrown in.