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Feb 28, 2008 02:37 PM

D'Artagnan Duck Breast?

Does anyone know where to find D'Artagnan Duck Breast in NYC? I used it get it from Garden of Eden at the 23rd or 14th Street locations -- but they switched suppliers. Frank's at Chelsea Market also carried it but is now closed. Whole Foods doesn't carry it, nor do most supermarkets. Any ideas where I can get my hands on it relatively quickly?

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  1. My local Food Emporium (of all places!) on 68th and B'way nearly always has it. I'd be surprised if other FEs don't as well.

    1. Citarella has it as well, I think.

      Edit - Also try Jefferson Market on 6th Avenue.

      1. I get it at Ottomanelli's on Bleecker near 7th Ave. S.

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        1. Gourmet Garage, as well.

          1. Dean & Deluca usually has it.