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Feb 28, 2008 02:27 PM

Mozz Cheese: Where to buy Rennet and Citric Acid in San Diego? [Moved from Home Cooking Board]

Looking to make Mozzarella cheese and I need to know where to buy rennett and Citric Acid in san diego. Preferably in or around the La Jolla area.

I also may need Lipase too, but not as important.

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  1. Save wear and tear on your car and buy from New England Cheesemaking on line. It's fast and the service is excellent.

    1. If you can't wait for mail order - you might try Great News in PB. I would call first though, because I haven't seen it there that I know of. If you do find it, let us know where would you?

      1. I know you can buy citric acid at chemical supply places. If you google this, you should find several. I bought some at a place down on Morena Blvd, but they appear to be gone.

        1. You can usually find Citric Acid in the Jewish/Kosher foods section of the supermarket labeled as "Sour Salt."

          1. This might end up being a false lead, as I don't recall too clearly, but I believe I saw it once at the market Mona Lisa in Little Italy. Not that it's a related product, except that they're both for at home, artisanal food production, but they even carried two sources for natural hog casings there! Perhaps a phone call might be in order...

            BTW I once looked into making my own mozz but decided to hold off on it when I found out about the very low yields per volume of milk... But please do report your results here! I'm still very interested to see what you come out with!