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Feb 28, 2008 02:20 PM

cheap eats in hell's kitchen and chelsea

your recs? I'm here for two days and a total n00b to NYC. I'm looking for typical NY grub. I hit a deli in midtown for corned beef, so I have that covered. Ethnic, pizza, hot dogs, whatever. Thanks!

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  1. Tulcingo del Valle is a must for truly authentic Mex grub; Empire City Bagels makes the best bagel in town; Kashkaval for fondue; El Centro for tasty Tex-Mex; and hate it or not, I always love a piping hot slice of Famous Original Ray's Pizza

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      And not just Tulcingo del Valle but also Tehuitzingo down the street. I think their tacos are just a little bit more generous and come with a hefty dollop of creamy guacamole. Also in HK: Tuck Shop (Australian); Afghan Kebab House; and Hallo Berlin (beer and sausages).

      In Chelsea: Taza del Oro for cheap Puerto Rican food at a mainstay of Chelsea's old Latino population; Grand Sichuan for Chinese; and as much as I like Famous Original Ray's, J's is more convenient to me in Chelsea.

    2. i think there's a Korean Fried Chicken place around 23rd and 7th Ave. never been, but people have raved about the stuff of late. This one uses olive oil which is interesting.

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        Only go to that Korean fried chicken place if you do not mind waiting almost an hour for bland chicken. You will do much better at Popeye's (there is a particularly good branch on 14th and 6th)

        For fun ethnic check out Tebaya on 19th between 6th and 7th for Japanese-style chicken wings and other tasty dishes.