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Feb 28, 2008 02:07 PM

Soup in RI

I'm the husband of a pregnant wife. Todays food craving is cream of mushroom soup. Please help me find a good place. Thank you.

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  1. I'm not sure if they have Cream of Mushroom, but I'm pretty sure that I remember seeing homemade soups in the freezer case at Constantine's Venda Ravioli on Atwell Ave in Providence. Everything else I've gotten here has been wonderful, so I imagine their soups are good too. If you're willing to travel a bit, Roche Bros. supermarkets have a really good Madeira Cream of Mushroom Soup in their "home made" prepared food area as well as several other kinds that I like. I know there's one in Norton, MA on Rt 140 off 495 which is about 20 minutes from Providence. I think that's the closest one to RI.

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      Whole Foods on the East Side has a selection of homemade soups daily. EG used to have Julia's that specialized in just soups but they are no more unfortunately...

      1. re: Sean

        persimmon in bristol. Hands down, best mushroom soup ever. all Champes soups are amazing

        1. re: insapore

          I cant wait to go.I used to LOVE the cream of mushroom soup at Chelo's but they did away with it many years ago.Thx for the tip.

          1. re: raf945

            raf945 Did you mean the one on Newport and Armistice Blvd?

                1. re: Ichewonthis

                  Interesting.If you don't mind me asking,what are you referring to when you say"my dads".

                  1. re: raf945

                    Well I am trying to enlarge your picture on your sign-off to see if I recognize you but yes my Father was the deveolper of the concept of 'Beef Hearth" with the Louis Chelo.Than the 4 Chelo bothers and now son's took the concept to what it is today. At the inception, all of the recipe development came from my Dad

                    1. re: Ichewonthis

                      Well,if you would,tell your dad I said hi.My grandfather knew your father from Attleboro.Tell him Gus from Dunham St.We would eat at Chelo''s in least two or three times a week.And at other times,I would drive for forty-five minutes to get what was equivalent to a gallon of cream of mushroom soup.Everyone loved it.In fact,all of his food was good.As my kids were growing,it was theie favorite as well.I can't ever recall a time when we were there and your father wasn't there.I liked his concept back then He didn't try to make it a Ruth's Chris.He saw the need for fresh ingredients,good size portions and reasonable price.And the people did come.The tables were always full.There was no messing around in his place.The staff worked very hard.Would you ask your dad what he thinks of the foodservice industry in the coming future?

                      1. re: raf945

                        My Dad has passed on RAF but not his memory nor his recipes. They were old school though, you know pinches and handfuls. I can predict that his "concept' will come to life again. I just don't know when. My grown kids are encouraging me to go back into the biz

                        1. re: Ichewonthis

                          Raf I did this at both posts but was your Grandfather Gus's Tavern?

                          1. re: Ichewonthis

                            I am sorry to hear about the passing of your father.As a legend in R.I.,I am sure he lives in the hearts of many.Yes,at the corner of Pine and Dunham.He had that place for over forty years.My grandmother was instrumental in running a successful place.I worked there for many years from a very young age.I can remember you working along side your father.You in the back of the house,him both in the back and front.I remember the place being very clean.Whenever I eat out,I always look at the air vents in the ceiling.There was never any dust around those vents.If I'm not mistaken,he ran Bobby's on Bank street prior to Chelo's.

                            1. re: raf945

                              You've got the whole picture now. thanks for remembering air vents and light bulbs. His two pet peeves.

                      2. re: Ichewonthis

                        We have frequented Chelo's our whole lives, but in the past few years, the quality of the food has not been the same...any reasoning behind this? Change of ownership? chefs? We would be there at least a few times per week and loved the seafood chowder, red chowder, clam cakes, all the sandwiches...everything was excellent...