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Feb 28, 2008 01:40 PM


Who likes good ol' fashioned Rootbeer???

I like most of the standards... A&W, MUG, Sarsaparilla, Barq's. Also Thomas Kemper is good, but one of the best Rootbeer's I've had was made by the Coca-Cola Company and only available in fountain dispenser's called Ramblin' Rootbeer. Your Thoughts??? Drink Up!!:)

check this out....

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  1. I love root beer. My favorite commercial brands of root beer are IBC and Barq's. Not crazy about Mug or even A & W but will drink them in a pinch if I'm really in the mood for root beer.

    1. I've always loved Hire's Root Beer. I have friends who swear by Dad's but it doesn't seem that special to me.

      1. well I am a fan of Hank's and lets not forget about Virgil's...and of course home brewed root beer is a good way to go...

        1. For Diet, A&W hands down.

          1. Wasn't Ramblin' Rootbeer a 70s thing? It's not still made is it? I was just talking over root beer the other day with a friend and we universally disdain the "Natural" brand root beer and enjoy A&W and Barq's most out of the major national brands. It's been ages since I had a Dad's but I did recently find a consistent source of Hire's and will be trying that out again soon. There's a local brewery here in Iowa called Millstream that does a decent root beer. Goose Island out of Chicago does an ok RB as well. What about Jones Soda? Do they make a root beer?

            Also, where does birch beer fit in for you folks? I'd never had it until I went to Philly for the first time about 7 years ago. Interesting, funky, definitely quite different. It's definitely not widely available in the MW.