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Feb 28, 2008 01:20 PM

Waffles and Fried Chicken in Westchester or Fairfield

Authentic and real with great desserts, any suggestions

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  1. Not a restaurant, but for fried chicken, bar none, my favorite is Stew Leonard's. Give me some of Stew's chicken, and a bottle of Cholula, or even better some Bardadian style yellow hot sauce, and I'm good!

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    1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

      chefBoyAreMe: I totally disagree, I have had so much better and Stew's is dirty to me. I have been fortunate enough to learn from excellent real southern ladies and men on how to make Real Southern Fried Chicken, not Stew's CT Mess. Thanks though! But I want to find a restaurant where it is just as good.

      1. re: nbermas

        Fried chicken in Westchester? Scarcer than hen's teeth. No more available than chicken fried steak. Or grits.

        Pretty good waffles (mine are better) can be found at the Landmark diner in Cos Cob, CT.

    2. Having gone to school in the south, I love good fried chicken but it is hard to find around here. However, I do love the fried chicken at Sherwoods in Larchmont (very crispy) and also at Jordan's Hilltop in Purchase (Anderson Hill Road).

      1. OK, doubt they have waffles, but I keep driving by this one random place on a Stamford corner. There's a sign advertising fried chickn and every time I drive by I keep making a mental note to try it. but they I forget. It's not in a thrilling part of town, if you know what I mean, but that certainly isn't a requirement for a good fried chicken place. I highly doubt they have waffles, but maybe the chicken is worth it? Here's the corner where it is. I can't remember the name:

        If you go, please let us know if it's worth it. And if I ever get there, I'll try and do the same.

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        1. re: adamclyde

          adamclyde: I will look for it because I usually will know about most southern like places but this is new to me. Is it behind the new Stop and Shop?

          1. re: nbermas

            not really. It's on stillwater avenue, right by the corner where that big park is where they play cricket on Saturdays. I think the corner is Stillwater and Merrell (not sure if that link worked or not).

            I've never even stopped in the parking lot, so I have NO idea if it's good or not. And it probably isn't traditional southern. My guess is it might be west indian or something. But they just might have great fried chicken, who knows. I hope they do.

        2. Bayou in Mt. Vernon for Fried Chicken. Blind Charlie's in Pound Ridge for Waffles.

          The Bayou
          580 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10552

          Blind Charlie's Cafe
          74 Westchester Ave, Pound Ridge, NY 10576

          1. nbermas, am I wrong to assume that you want the "classic" dish of fried chicken and waffles, all on one plate, all in one restaurant? Or are you looking for a fried chicken place and a waffle place?

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            1. re: Elizzie

              Same thought! It's gotta be the classic combo.

              That's like someone asking "spaghetti and meatballs in Westchester?" and getting different destinations for the spaghetti than the meatballs!

              1. re: howmanycupsinaquart

                I've never heard of this dish - please tell me more about it....where did it originate, etc. It seems like a strange combo to me.

                1. re: pobo

                  I know it started I believe in NYC with a late night soul food place and it was just like any other combo that just happens like peanut butter and jelly.

                  1. re: pobo

                    It's a great combo, actually. You've got the savory fried chicken, fluffy waffles and syrup...sorry, gotta go marinate the chicken right now.

                    1. re: Elizzie

                      Fried chicken AND a waffle, on the same plate??

                      Oh, that sounds good. In WESTchester? I have got to see that.

                    2. re: pobo

                      It's a delicious and compelling combo (although everyone secretly agrees that it is a little weird). The mixture of salty-savory and sweet is more typical of Asian cuisine than American, where we tend to divide our courses and segregate our plates along more rigid distinctions.

                      I believe it originated in Harlem as a midpoint meal between dinner and breakfast! Just the thing after a late night jazz session. It may have originated out of the famous Sylvia's.

                      As indication of how widespread it has since become, even Bobby Flay lisped his way through a Chicken and Waffles Throwdown on the Food Network (good news - he lost!). It went down at one of Sylvia's relative's restaurants, another Harlem haunt.

                      What's nice is to run into Chicken and Waffles in mom and pop soul food restaurants unexpectedly. I've had it, for example, in an urban coffee shop that serves them special for Sunday Brunch.

                      When you think about it, there's a textural and visual unity between the waffles and the chicken: crispy-tender-on-the-inside golden flattened chicken cutlets stacked like a deck of cards with crispy-tender-on-the-inside golden baked waffles.

                      Still, everyone who eats them has to confront the juxtaposition on their own terms, deciding how much and what to syrup, and how much and what gets forked and eaten at the same time.

                      Crispy, savory, sweet, soul food, I've never seen it unreasonably priced.... you should try it!

                  2. re: Elizzie

                    I want it all, any ideas besides making it myself.

                    1. re: nbermas

                      I assume, you know places to get this in Harlem, though right? You are just looking for something closer, right?

                      Harlem is the first place I ever saw chicken and waffles.

                      1. re: adamclyde

                        Adamclyde ; Yes closer and both places listed at the next reply Jeff's and Carmen's do not have this combo. I want it now, thanks.