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Feb 28, 2008 12:10 PM

Soho Steakhouse Wilmington NC

Getting mixed reviews on Soho Steakhouse in the old Anabelle's. Should I give it a try?

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  1. I haven't heard anything about it except obvious advertisements. If you decide to go, be sure and give us a report!

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      we went for lunch on a Monday. The space was well made over. It is huge. the seating capacity was like 280! The service we thought was slow. It took some time to get a beer. The guy was nice though a little slow. I had the salmon with shrimp rice and sauteed spinach. It was only about $9. It was fine really. Well cooked fish and nice spinach. The rice was the weak point of the dish. It had those little tiny tiny shrimp mixed in some white rice. No big wow at all but good. My husband had the boneless shortrib also $9. He said it tasted good but the potatoes were wierd. I did not ask Why. I think they were garlic but am not sure. There were not many people there and I could not imagine if it were really rockin. I am sure it would be loud. Overall, for lunch it was fine, give it a try. Dinner I do not know. It is often a value to check out a place at lunch rather than dinner if you are not sure.
      The funniest thing to us was when we picked up the dinner to go menu and it had maybe 10-15 typos on it. Somebody did not proof it at all!

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        i had a wonderful lunch there with great service, but the place slow.. bread was good ... I had the fish and chips and they were on point. I will try to go for dinner soon for the bone-in ribeye and see if its up to my standards.

      2. Don't bother, why you ask? Four of us for dinner Friday Leap Day 2008. Restaurant 20% full at 7PM. Bread is good; onion soup lacked browning of the cheese; Cesar croutons are cold tempura fried artichoke hearts, very strange; all the meats delivered just above room temp and lacked juiciness, but were cooked to order (Porterhouse cut is too thin); lamb sauce lacked mint kick; pork chop mustard sauce weak; Lemon cake was excellent as was the wine we ordered. The service was slow, but the waiter was engaging. He brought the chef out after our salad comments, who vowed to return, but smartly didn't. They did remove the pork-chop dinner which was barely touched. Even still $250+ later, skip this one, as there are so many other great restaurants in town where the chef is not afraid to be bold and the meal a pleasure!

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          Had better luck with the soup, but agree on the porterhouse cut and so-so service. Haven't been at lunch. Debating a second try at dinner. Everything seems a little slack.

        2. I have not been there but have heard good reviews. I did receive a two for one coupon for the restaurant in Valpak. Its hard to believe that its necessary for a brand new place in their honeymoon to have to give away free dinners. Who knows -some of the food lemmings lined up out the door at Olive Garden may bite !

          I will try to report when we go for dinner.

          1. I went there for lunch and was impressed with the remodel on the dining room. It was not very busy but service was incredibly slow. I had the chicken sandwich and it was very dry, I wanted water to dip it in but could not get my server"s attention. I heard many great things about the place from friends but I do not think I will be going back for more.

            1. Poor, poor,poor! They got the salad right, that's it. The Oysters Rockefeller was overcooked and tasteless.As my entree,I had the Chicken Diane. The chicken was soggy and needed seasoning. My husband did not fare any better,neither of us will return. Sorry to post such negative comments, as our waiter was very attentive, I just wish I had not wasted the money.